July 08, 2010

She's a Gorgeous Accountant, Dammit - What More Do Ya Want?

I've posted a lot about Tammy, my gorgeous stepdaughter (she insists that I call her gorgeous). Of my three stepdaughters, I talk to her the most (and talk to her more than I do to my own daughters). Since I am a total slacker, and online while Tammy is slaving away at work, we use this time as an opportunity to chat via Yahoo Messenger.

Here is an actual conversation from last week (Tammy's words are in red, any notes I added later, in blue:

Tammy: my cousin Ben called me Jackie O at the funeral
Tammy: who the heck is that?
Tammy: I aparently need to brush up on my history (spelling, too? lol)
me: Jackie Onassis, the former first lady (when she was married to John F. Kennedy)
me: I think it's the hairdo, and your regal bearing
me: you do know that that will end if in a blog someday (hey, I DID warn her)
Tammy: what will?
me: you not knowing who Jackie O is...lol
Tammy: I'm an accountant
Tammy: not a historian or politician
me: very true
Tammy: http://www.style.com/beauty/beautycounter/2008/09/jackie-os-majestic-class-just-a-spritz-away/
Tammy: wow I look like her?
me: I think it's the hairdo, and the hair color that made him think that
Tammy: I'm a hottie
me: yes you are

This is one reason I get no housework done during the day - I am keeping Tammy entertained AND enlightening her about important figures in history.

It does make me wonder just what the heck she was doing during History class, though.

Maybe that will be another post?


  1. Ha! I see my best friend isnt the only one who posts Yahoo Messenger convos! LOL

    And Tammy is a hottie! =)

  2. That is so classic! And Jackie O was amazingly beautiful, so is Tammy!
    I wish I had Yahoo messenger at work!

  3. That's funny...I just had a "Who is Jackie O" conversation with my Hub last week. I told him that my friend & I used to have people joke that she was Jackie O & I was Marilyn (She had the hairstyle & attitude & I'm a busty blonde, not because I was sleeping with her husband...).

    At least he knew who Marilyn was....

  4. Informing others of history is doing something, so I think you are okay! Much more important than housework!

  5. I think you should give her crap about this ... I mean it isn't like someone said she looked like Millard Fillmore's wife (whoever that might be).


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