July 14, 2010

The World Has Survived Fifteen Years of the Boy's Presence! You Go, World!

The Boy is 15 today. At 3:08 AM, a doctor I never met before pulled that breech bundle from my gaping innards. Who knew that I'd deliver while my OB was rafting down the Colorado River?

I've had three babies, and emergency C-section is the way.to.go, let me tell ya. It's OB's equivalent of the Express Lane - no waiting! Paperwork? Eh, we'll do that later. 

Most of my haircuts have taken more time than it took to deliver The Boy.

It's been quite a year for The Boy. He attended two weddings, started 8th grade, got arrested, went to detention, and sported the cuffs, shackles and jumpsuit that is all the rage down at the courthouse.

He's been on "unofficial" probation, had some success in school (and some things where he still needs additional help). He attended Puppet Guild meetings, and got two medals by swimming for Special Olympics.

He improved his Uncle skills greatly - thanks in great part to the ever-cooperative and enthusiastic Seth. I've seen strides in empathy and compassion, followed by periods where he was firmly entrenched in "what's in it for me" thinking.

One skill I wish he'd un-learn? He curses like a sailor on shore leave (but is able to curb his potty mouth when Seth or Eli are here). I know if my mom was nearby to hear him cuss a blue streak, she'd be so proud!

He takes his medication all by himself now. And this past year, he has not had any major adjustments to his medication regimen (I'm gonna take that as a good thing). When a refill is necessary, I have him go to the pharmacy counter to pick it up. He needs to know how to do this stuff, ya know? 

I think he has learned a little more about what it means to have bipolar disorder and Asperger's...he's got some pretty big challenges to face every day (how I wish I could take that on myself!).

He's gotten taller, maybe a bit thinner around the middle. Facial hair is blond and sprouting - he has been asking for a razor. You can bet it will be electric. Can you imagine what he could do to that sweet face with hand tremors and a razor blade?

Here's the boy's photo from last year's birthday post:

And a photo taken this morning (he has some sort of horrible 'fluffy hair thing' happenin'):

I see less Boy, more Young Man...and eyebrows that will one day take over half of his face!

He has some challenges coming up. High school beckons. But he has to make this transition without the current educational program AND without his favorite teacher, as the original plans have changed. I am still waiting to hear back from the director of Special Education to find out what his year may be like in a new school building (which is in the middle of extensive renovation). 

The noise and chaos he found during class change time in middle school caused him no end of trouble (and brought about his enrollment in another, more-structured program).

I fear the perfect storm clouding the horizon. 

But then again, maybe he'll surprise us all and successfully navigate his adolescent life with his own sense of style and purpose. 

He has selected Jack in the Box for dinner. Next weekend (after I'm over this stupid summer cold I have), we'll do the family cake thing. 

Here's to a great year! 

I love this kid more than anything. 


  1. You've certainly had a colorful life so far... He's a cutie, and, I think he knows how much he is loved.

    Hang in there!

  2. June, you are one remarkable woman! The "REAL" June Cleaver would never be able to handle The Boy, especially without A LOT of good old Ward's wisdom and insight, right?! Although I loved that show and those years of innocence, I realize now that life back then wasn't THAT much different, it just wasn't talked about much, or shown on TV. I admire you greatly. So many moms can barely handle the life of raising a "normal" son. Thank goodness you are "there" for him and to be his advocate! Hugs to YOU and to HIM on his B'day!

  3. happy birthday to your handsome boy!!!

    And you are a great mom to teach him to be self reliant. Kudo's to you

  4. He is looking more grown up ... amazing how even a year when they are this age brings so much change.

    Congrats on surviving another year ... and for all the progress that has been made.

    Hugs to you. I hope you know how much I think of you and your dedication to the Boy and his continued well-being.

    Here's to a good year!

  5. WOW he is really growing up, and he's very handsome!

    Happy Birthday to the Boy!!

  6. Happy belated birthday to the Boy!


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