July 22, 2010

Writer's Workshop - 07/22/10 -With a Song in My Heart (or Was it Merely Heartburn?)

It's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - you really should play along! Pick a prompt or five, and write, write write! Link up, read everyone's submissions and comment your heart out! I chose TWO prompts this week.

Write about your wedding song. What was it and why did you choose it?

The Mister and I have been around the block - me more than him. We've been married before (again, me more than him). I have never been the frilly, girly-girl type - I've never wanted the whole fairy tale wedding extravaganza.

When The Mister and I were getting married, we knew we wanted something low-key. Casual. Family, a few friends. We found an officiant who let us pick out our own vows, and would come to our house and do the ceremony, right in our living room. Sweet.

I even baked my own wedding cake. My FIRST layer cake. I'm brazen like that.

Then I involved my friends Karen and Lila into our planning, and all Hell broke loose.
Decorations, a balloon arch, fake leaves (as it was a Fall wedding), tons of worry about my dress and makeup and hair and jewelry AND HOLD ON JUST ONE MINUTE...WHO'S GETTING MARRIED HERE ANYHOW?

I let these wenches talk me into stuff I didn't want - I spent the entire day of my wedding blowing up over 100 balloons (as the pump Karen brought didn't work), and cursing up a wild streak. I was giddy with lack of oxygen and annoyed beyond my limit. See the teal balloons in the picture? We also had ivory. And some twinkle lights...I kid you not.

And Lila, who was the mastermind and the owner of said balloon arch, had a clerical mistake regarding vacation time, and had to hightail it back to TX for work. So I was left with Karen to pull this thing together, without really knowing, or caring about, Lila's vision of our special day...like I was marrying Lila.

I will NEVER tell these two if I should have a prefrontal lobotomy and decide to get married again.

For days before they descended upon me, Lila sent me Youtube videos of wedding songs she liked. Holy Mother.of.Whistler. She said I should not neglect this very vital part of our ceremony. I told her I'd take it under advisement and discuss it with The Mister to be.

The Mister to be was pretty quick in his rejection of the song I picked. Here's what I wanted:

His reason? He couldn't stand Aaron Neville's OR Linda Ronstadt's voice - they gave him the heebie jeebies. And I knew the heebie jeebies would clash with his suit, so I gave up on that one.

His choice? 

Really? Did it HAVE to be me? I felt so special - until he told me why he picked the song. Here are the lyrics that did it for him: 


Still think it's sweet? Faults? Me? 

And the wedding ceremony? Awesome, ballons and all. Quiet, too, as no song was necessary. 

And for any of you fairy tale princess bride-to-bes, I have a FREE arch and balloons - ask and it's YOURS. 

We talk about mother’s guilt a lot…who needs it? Describe a good mom moment!

Summer, 2007. Disney World. The Boy and I went, so did daughter Shannon, hubby Aaron, kidlets Jordyn, Cameron and Grandma Patty.

My goal? Smile and spend money. I did both with great style. I felt guilty about nothing. I suffered horribly sore feet and produced enough perspiration to put out brush fires during a Santa Ana wind - but no guilt was present.

I watched Muppetvision 3D as many times as The Boy wanted; I purchased trinkets and toys and t-shirts in numerous gift shops. I walked.and.walked.and.walked.

On this trip, other than my feet, it WAS the happiest place on Earth.


  1. Is that kind of like show me all your faults and I'll love you in spite of them!

    And anything Disney is happy right? haha

  2. Your friends taking over...if I hadn't stuck to my guns, my mom would have went much bigger than just balloons and twinkle lights! LOL! It is awful when folks try to take over YOUR wedding.

    I now have "All I need to know" stuck in my head! It really is a fabulous song. I'm glad your wedding was great even without a song, but at least you'll have these two that will remind you of the planning for the wedding.

  3. You told both stories with such awesome humor, it made me chuckle quite a few times. Rather loudly. Good thing my Little Miss stayed asleep. ;)

    Followed you via MamaKat's. Looking forward to read more of your posts.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. It Had to be You is such a pretty song.

    And do you know what else is pretty? Your teal arch.... :)

  5. I have to say- I liked your busband's music chose better than yours! LOL

  6. haha you are funny! I bet that teal and white balloon arch was beautiful. Fake leaves and all!

    I went to disney and had a BLAST i think you could enjoy that place at any age whatsoever!!

  7. Well aren't we the over achiever? LOL I love the way you combined the prompts and you did both with such flair. I loved it.

  8. Friends dont let friends plan weddings.

  9. Weddings are a pain in the neck to plan - especially when you're being assisted by friends! EGADS! That's enough to drive a church mouse to drink...heavily! LOL

  10. I'm here from Kat's blog. Great post -- really funny!

  11. I love Harry!!! Your hubby sounds like a goof. We got married twice. I wanted to be done after the courthouse wedding which was the best day ever. But my parents got involved ans since I didn't have a wedding to the first schmuck I married they wanted me to have one the 2nd time around. And for them the Courthouse didn't do it. :(

    I hated having a wedding. I would never do it over in a million years. EVER.

  12. Baked your own WEDDING CAKE? I'm impressed! And I do think HC JR. was a great choice...

  13. I never had dream wedding dreams either. Officiant in the living room? Yup. :) But I left the cake making to my mom. It's her thang. Stopping by from...who am I kidding? You already know I love and stalk you!

  14. I can't believe you ended up doing all the balloons on your wedding day. At the minimum, the wenches should have done it.

    And your song was much much better.


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