August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to You...and You...and You!

Saturday at the Cleaver compound, we had a Triple birthday celebration! Our three birthday folks ages added up to 128 years (The Mister responsible for 43.75% of the total).

Three birthdays, you say? Doesn't that mean THREE cakes?


I made a carrot cake (The Mister's favorite), a chocolate cake (the selection of The Mister's brother), and this cake here, made for The Mister's daughter, Janella.

Which cake got the most rave reviews?

The only one that I didn't make totally from scratch. The one that required the least amount of work, of course. From a mix. Frosted with Cool Whip. 

Go figure.

The Mister set out to grill some serious meat, including a St. Louis staple, pork steaks.

I made some Crash potatoes to go along, and side dishes were brought to share.

The natives were getting a bit restless - that meat was taking FOREVER to cook.

Enter Ruth, the heroine for the day. She did some grill magic, and showed her daddy just who was the grillmaster!

Here she is, mugging for the camera:

Son-in-law Frank, youngest of ten children in his family, was so happy to finally get to sit at the table with the grownups! He might have looked more convincing if he hadn't been wearing Seth's Cookie Monster bib...he'll learn:

And Seth, who came in with a Terrible Twos, 'I Said No and I Mean No' attitude. Here's a pic after he settled back in to behaving like his usual adorable self:

Today, we have grandson Eli (who was not interested in being photographed) starting Kindergarten. Eli's sister Des is giving 8th grade a go, and brother Nate will be doing his best in 6th grade.

We have The Boy still on summer vacation. This Tuesday, he will attend Freshman Orientation (yikes, high school); classes start August 24th...when The Mister and I will celebrate by dancing in the street (three years down, three to go)!


  1. you just made me look at that nummy cake again, didn't you. not nice.

    Tomorrow's the big nice day, thanks a whole heck-of-a-lot. errrrrr

  2. Sounds like a yummy time was had by all. Okay, maybe I'm just have a senior moment but what are crash potatoes?

  3. Love the Cookie Monster want cookies1

  4. Cash hot potatoes. Kinda boiled, kinda mashed, kinda seasoned, kinda roasted - kinda good!

    I posted the recipe before - and if you want to go directly to the source, visit The Pioneer Woman's site, like she need publicity!

  5. Happy Birthday to everyone! I just love the cookie monster bib :)

  6. Sounds like lots o' fun! I'd like to drop by for some of that fudge cake, if you don't mind...

  7. Ouch. That stinks that the cake from the mix got the best reviews. It was the Cool Whip methinks!

    HB to everyone!


    (Sorry. Got a wee worked up.)

    It bugs me to no end when the dopiest thing I make has people going the craziest. I slaved away making homemade pasta sauce the other day. What is The Pit still talking about? The stale bread I spread with fake butter and sprinkled garlic powder on, then broiled.

    I lol'd about the Mr's piece of the 128 year pie.

    Seth has the most adorable button nose! *Smooch*

  9. What a cute post! I hear ya on the premade stuff stealing the show.

    Happy Birthday to all...

    And to all a good night.


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