August 20, 2010

I Can't Stand the Pressure! What's In the Cards for Me?

Gorgeous Tammy (she insists that I call her gorgeous) has arranged a psychic experience for herself, her friends and little ole me!

I feel honored to be included in the group, but I'm sure that the ISES (International Sisterhood of Evil Stepmothers) is going to take away my broomstick and union card for my lack of evildoing. 

I fear that I am a failure at the Evil Stepmother thing...sigh.

Anyway, back to my problem. 

If you are truly psychic, proceed directly to the comments - because you know what I'm going to type next.

Saturday at noon, we will be entertained, enlightened and amazed by Reba, a local psychic who makes housecalls (for a price).

We will all have our cards read.

Yes, I'm talkin' Tarot cards. In The Mister's mind, they are potentially dangerous and evil. 

Ooohhh, doesn't that make them sound MORE appealing?

We've all been asked to have a list of three (3) questions to ask Reba about - after the reading...and I got nuttin'.

So, I'm hoping that you all can help me. 

If you were me (and I KNOW you're glad you're not - and I'm not psychic), what would YOU ask? What do you want to know about my future? Or about the future of the family? Or what about...dare I say it?...possible employment? 

Oh, I'm all aflutter!

In addition to Reba's amazing abilities, we will have one of Frank's fabulous cheesecakes - and I'm bringing some monkey bread. I've been told that wine will also be served.

I've never been to a psychic, I think it's a lot of nonsense. I expect to hear all sorts of vague, yet happy, crap - crap that I hope will put a smile on my face for days to come.

If YOU were visiting Reba, what would YOU ask her?


  1. You can always just ask her to read the cards and see what they say without asking anything.

    A lady that I had read my cards in May, didn't ask me a thing other than to shuffle and cut the deck. She went on to read the cards quite accurately I might add, without one hint from me at all.

  2. umm hun I can't read the post cause the photobucket photos are all screwed up and saying band width exceeded.. Yikes

  3. gosh, that's a hard one. ummm, how about will I always be clever

  4. Wow, I have never done something like that. Hope it goes well for you!

    Thanks for the follow! I am returning it now. Stop by and add your blog to the blogshare community at Housewife Eclectic. Find new blogs and gain new readers!

  5. I'd ask her for the next winning lottery numbers!!

  6. My friends daughter actually came to a womens fun night once and we decided to humor her and let her do our readings. We had not met her before and I along with a couple others hardly knew her mother....Not one of us really believed in it but we thought "what the heck lets just have some fun." It kind of blew me a way that she pretty much nailed each one of us and she wasn't vague at all. It ended up creeping me out actually but still kind of interesting. She didn't have us ask her any questions though and I'm not really sure what I would ask.

    Enjoy the cheese cake and wine and have some fun with it!

  7. I think stuff like this is fun. I would definitely ask about employment (for me and for you). I would also ask if I will ever lose the "baby" weight. HAHA!

  8. I would ask if I'm going to survive this parenting gig. Seriously. Ugh.

    Since I'm reading this too late, I'm anxious to know how it went!


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