August 12, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 08/12/10

Time for fun with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop.

The prompts I chose this week: 

The most unbelievable blue eyes you’ve ever seen…
The craziest reason I ever got in trouble as a child.

The Eyes Have It
I am the only girl in a family of four boys. All of my brothers, like my dad, had blue eyes. I had brown, like my mom. 

When I was little, I wondered if things looked different, depending upon what eye color you had. Of course, as an adult, I know that isn't the case...but really, do YOU see things in the same way I do? I'm confident that if we both looked at the same object, we could find different ways to describe it - but maybe that's a function of vocabulary and life experience, and has nothing to do with the shape or color of one's eyes.

This is the stupid crap that I would think about sometimes...silly, isn't it?

My oldest daughter Shannon, had the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. I loved just looking at her, loved watching her look at me through half-closed, drowsy eyes, the blue still so intense, even when seen through her thick lashes (oh, how I wanted lashes like hers!).

My daughter Erin has hazel eyes that change color depending on what she's wearing. They're striking and lovely to look at.

Until The Boy was born, I never liked brown eyes, I think they're pretty awesome.

Here's a pic of Shannon and Erin Shannon's on the left:

I never thought I'd see eyes as blue as Shannon's in another face.

Until these two came along.

Shannon, and husband Aaron, have two beautiful children, Jordyn and Cameron. Yes, I realized that I have a bias here regarding their beauty. But these two also have those same dark blue eyes. And though they are seventeen months apart in age, everyone assumes they are twins.

Jordyn will be putting her eyes to use in first grade (she started Monday). Cameron is starting Kindergarten today. He's very excited, and even thanked his new teacher for teaching him when he went to class to meet her the other day. 

I wish I lived closer to all of them, I miss them lots. 

I Didn't Do It...Well, Maybe It Looks Like I Did
I could have written volumes on the crazy stuff I did to get in trouble. I was born to create havoc and discord in my family. My mother said many times that "she'd rather have ten more boys than another girl like me"...and I wasn't even a bad kid.

I got in trouble even when I didn't do anything, just because I looked guilty. My brother could get away with ANYTHING - I got blamed all the time for stuff he did. 

An example:
My mom, who cursed like a sailor on shore leave, would call us SOBs (don't make me spell it out for ya). My younger brother could look her right in the eye and say, "And I'm YOUR SON!" - and get away with it.

One time, she asked me to do something when I was in the middle of watching a movie, and I said "No" - with a lot of attitude. Ya know what I got away with? I got away with a fat lip and a bloody nose, that's what.

If I was asked if I did something, I guess I screwed my face up into a look of guilt and shame that was so obvious to everyone (ok, I'd smile nervously) - and that smile screamed "I DID IT!" ...even when I wasn't at home when the infraction occurred.

This ability to LOOK guilty has somehow caused me to FEEL guilty about everything. In the past, I've already apologized for slavery and the Holocaust (even though my ancestors had nothing to do with either event), and I have apologized for global warming - I should have been more strict about turning off unnecessary light bulbs, and not made so many trips to the store. I'm certain that it's my fault. 

The financial crisis? Entirely because of me.
The bursting of the housing bubble. Look no further than here. I did it...somehow.

So stop blaming big business, or the Republican Congress, or Bush, or Obama. Just lay it all here, on my head, where it belongs.

I'm so sorry. I'll try to do better.


  1. The Art of the Poker Face

    Next best seller.

  2. Two great posts! Fancy seeing you here! Lovely to be able to write beyond 100 words isn't it!

  3. Dying over here! I am SO relieved that YOU are the reason for everything. Whew!
    I'm like you, always taken the blame and am unable to wipe the silly grin off of my face that makes me look guilty when I'm not.

    I would LOVE to hear more posts about your childhood-- that's novel material there.

  4. Hello June Freaking Cleaver!

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my Writer's Workshop post. Actually, the rest of the employees are OK with the freelance idea, in fact, I think some of them wanted it to happen because there are moms in the group too. But oh well, whatever happens, already happened. It's true what you said, that company loyalty is a rare thing now!

    Btw, you should think about us Asians... no way would we have blue eyes... but it doesn't matter, brown eyes rocks too! :D

  5. What wonderful posts! Your children and grandchildren are beautiful. I hope they have a good first day o school

  6. So for future reference whne my kids say it is all my fault I will send them to your page and say nooo it's hers see she even admits it.

  7. Both of these are great posts! I have hazel eyes like Erin. At least I can color coordinate two things when I walk out the dorr!

    Redheads usually get the finger pointed at them all the time. I don't blame you for anything... except maybe for the smiles I get when I read your posts!

  8. Those eyes are beautiful. And, what a blessing that they look just like their mama. Both of those kids are freakin' adorable!!!

  9. Both my parents have blue eyes, my moms like a gray blue and my dads just blue and I have deep green eyes. I always thought blue eyes were so cool. My hubs has green/yellowish eyes, my oldest has green eyes...a more normal green. And my youngest, well she finally got the blue eyes!

  10. I think I have that same gene that makes me look guilty even when I'm not! Great post. Stopping by from Mama Kat's

  11. Oh I show all of my emotions too. It really is a curse. Your grandkids do look like they could be twins

  12. Oh man. That is the struggle. My 5 year old causes a lot of havoc at my house. I just have make sure he really is the one doing to causing...

  13. I love your thought that the color of your eyes would change how you see things.


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