August 22, 2010

Mental Health Professionals Are All Crazy (except YOU, of course)!

DISCLAIMER: If you happen to be a mental health professional in our area who accepts Medicaid, and has openings available, please ignore the rest of this post. And I mean no offense with my title...please forgive me...we need meds.

The Mister picked up the mail today. We received a letter from The Boy's psychiatrist - she is resigning. This is the doctor that replaced the last one who resigned back in February.

The Boy had an appointment to see this new doc on 9/9. Unfortunately, that is beyond THE TWO WEEKS' NOTICE THIS WENCH PROVIDED!

Two weeks! WTH?

The psychiatric clinic will handle his prescription refills until 9/17. How sweet of them. They have too many patients to care for any of the patients who are now left doctorless by this latest resignation. Not sweet at all.

But they did list three doctors as possible contacts - they are all in the same medical practice. Maybe they can take up some of the slack.

I don't know if you know this, but there is a severe shortage of child psychiatrists in the US. When I arrived here in MO, it took me a month to locate a doctor who would accept Medicaid - and then we waited 5 (FIVE) months for an appointment.

In the five month interim, I was able to convince his brand new pediatrician to continue to write prescriptions for his current medication. Thank you, Dr. R!

There's also a shortage of therapists - he hasn't seen his therapist since January - she NEVER RETURNS PHONE CALLS (and schedules her own appointments). 


So, tomorrow morning, I will begin my quest to find a shrink who is accepting new patients AND one who accepts Medicaid, and hope that he/she is closer than the 70+ mile round trip we used to make.


  1. good luck with your search! i so agree that there is a severe shortage. when we had to take the boy to a child psychiatrist it was 40 miles one way. hope everything works out for you.

  2. Good luck! I've been through the great quest to find a specialist who is taking new patients, takes medicaid AND doesn't have a year long waiting list. Seems near impossible. So I truly do wish you luck in your quest.

  3. That totally sucks!!!! Good luck with your search!

  4. And it is going to get worse with Obamacare!

  5. Hope you are able to find someone quickly!

  6. Gosh ... it just never ends does it? Hope you find someone soon. A group practice might work ... but I guess a lot of it is about building trust/a relationship with one person, right?


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