August 03, 2010

Post-it Note Tuesday - 08/03/10 - School Daze

As Tuesday has rolled around again, it is time to participate with Supah's Post-it Note Tuesday. Cool how it happens on the day on which it was named, huh? I don't know how Supah does it, she's one smart lady! You really should visit her, and see all the submissions, and do some'll be glad you did!

Here goes!

First, the corny joke that has me laughing everytime I hear it on

Now, a little "Happy Dance" announcement:


In other news:

 It's not ALL sunshine and unicorns, ya know:

Must my life of leisure wait until I am in the nursing home, and too old to manipulate people enjoy it?

Some news, of the good kind:

Silly, gorgeous Tammy!

 Now, for news about the upcoming school year:

Talk about yer scary...


  1. Congrats on still no smoking that is great!

  2. That is wonderful on the no smoking! Keep it up!

    That is a scarry face!

  3. Patting you on the back for quitting! I am a month behind you, quit June 11 - YAY

  4. Congrats on quitting the cancer sticks! I so wish I had the strength to quit. And yeah, that last pic was scary! My daughter is in special ed too!

  5. Congrats on the 3 months no smoking... and good luck with the high school transition... thanks for stopping by my PINT

  6. Hope things go good for him. School can be hard enough and then when you get the new's for hoping.
    Congrats on the 3 months, totally awesome.

  7. Sending good wishes your way for a wonderful school year for The Boy....Congrats on the quitting smoking!! Excellent in so many ways! AND, OMG, I cracked up when I saw the last picture!! Is that The Mister?? Does he know you posted his mug shot online?? :D

  8. 21 more days...Yeah! Boo.
    Hope the new teacher works out for him and you.

  9. Sometimes a talented and enthusiastic new teacher can be a good thing. I hope it works out that way for both of you!


  10. First of all, my man would kill me Secondly, nacho? REALLY? Apparently the 21 days can't come fast enough.
    and finally, once upon a time I promised myself my kids wouldn't be my lackey. But, as I figure it, he isn't mine so much as he is his sister's per request of me!

  11. Ok ... love the nacho cheese joke. Love it. I can even remember it.

    And yay on the smoking thing. I was actually wondering about that the other day ... if it was still working for you. Odd.

    And I pray that this teacher works out for The Boy. She sounds like she isn't quite cut out for it ... but you just never know.


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