August 07, 2010

Saturday Centus - 08/07/10

It's time again to get inspiration from Jenny Matlock and write for Saturday Centus. I love the restriction of 100 words, it makes me work my wee mind to keep my word count down. The prompt appears below, in bold.

Today's offering?

Poor Reflection

I work "the line" at Chrysler, assembling rear view mirrors for the PT Cruiser. Oh, I'm not complaining - I'm darned lucky to have a job in this recession.

One day, I knew I had to stop the line because of a parts problem.

My supervisor, Frank, ran over. "What happened?"

"China", I responded.

"What the heck are you talking about? What's China got to do with it?"

All I could say was "read this".

Instead of 'Objects in the rear view mirror are closer than they appear'...

It said, 'Nearby reflections may be distorted in glass'.

This is what happens when fortune cookie writers moonlight in the manufacturing sector.


  1. Oh boy, can I relate to this. With my husband being retired UAW, this wouldn't surprise me in the least lol.

  2. Me bow down before your prowness. : )

  3. So much truth in your story it is uncomfortable!!!

  4. That made me laugh so hard!

  5. GREAT take on the prompt! Makes me want to translate my car's entire manual into fortune cookie logic.

  6. great story & I like "'Nearby reflections may be distorted in glass'." - it certainly sounds better

  7. Absolutely delightful! I think your 100 words pretty much sum up the problem with our country right now! Gosh, I like what you write!


  8. hee hee!

    i came over from jenners and can
    see why she likes you so much!

  9. Very good!
    You got the prompt to fit in very well!
    Indeed. Very clever.
    Best wishes,

  10. MWAHAHA...

    June Freaking Aww-So-Funny!
    That fit perfectly with this weeks prompt. Way to go...

  11. Very good - also what happens when the chinese 'ladies' try to leave naughty links in blog comments!!

  12. Ha ha! As usual a great post from you! Really liked it!

  13. This was awesome! I always laugh at the way some things are lost in translation. Really clever use of the prompt! Kat

  14. I am quaking with laughter. Thanks for such a lift using only 100 words. I needed that!


  15. Very clever take on the prompt this week! I loved this!

  16. Hahaha this was very clever. At least it wasn't, "See that? Right there? Yeah that's much closer than you think."

  17. LMAO - honestly I am not certain I have ever typed that in a comment before but today I had to!

  18. Fantastic! So clever...who woulda thunk it? You, of course...Peace

  19. I love this! ;-)

    It was my first try at the centus this week, it was fun.

  20. JFC! You outdid yourself. Incredible. Fun.

    I love you! (In a non-stalking, non-creepy, non-inappropriate way!)

    You made me laugh on a day when I was pretty sure it was "the day the laughter died."



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