August 27, 2010

They Say That Well Begun is Half Done....

Just a quick update on The Boy's first week at high school.

Oh, I found The Boy a new shrink - and they're fitting him in with an appointment (I was told not to tell anyone in the waiting room). He has an appointment in a couple of weeks - it's still a long drive, but at least I know he'll get continuing care.
  • How many times The Boy has fallen asleep in class - zero. Yay! We modified his meds the day before class started, I think we may have a good mix.
  • Outbursts in school - zero (at least that's what he's said) 
  • Telephone calls from school/Coach Teacher Sir - zero. Yay! 
  • Times he didn't eat lunch - one. The line was so long, he didn't have time to eat. He's improved on getting in the line faster already. AND he's eaten the same food everyday - a soy cheeseburger (I don't think he realizes there is no meat there), and a piece of pizza.
  • Neighborhood creeps who have insulted him in class - one. A girl from our neck o' the woods called him gay, and offered to set him up with one of her guy friends.
  • Number of times The Boy tattled - one. Timing is everything. The health teacher was going over the class rules about proper behavior at the same time that The Boy was being insulted. The teacher was talking about how students need to treat each other - The Boy raised his hand and asked if being called gay is one example of bad behavior. When he got an affirmative answer, he ratted out the girl. 
  • Number of girls Coach Teacher Sir took outside for a little chat - one.
  • Number of old class friends who are now in The Boy's class again - one. He was very happy to see his friend Amber (from his first year in the special class).
They have The Boy in the Adaptive P.E class with students who have more challenges than he does. He refers to that other class as "Very Special Ed (VSE)". He feels that the teacher talks down to him - I explained that since she's only taught the VSE class in previous years, she's assuming that The Boy is like the other kids.

Again, no outburst at what he perceives as a major slight. 

The Boy talked about going to the first football game and DANCE tonight...but changed his mind. He hates football. I suggested that he needs a guy buddy to go to a dance with (for wallflower solidarity), and that he needs some additional practice in proper boy/girl social occasion etiquette first. He agreed. 

Where is The Boy, and what have they done with him? I was beginning to think that UNTIL he told me to quit asking him questions about what went on in school - I was annoying him.

THAT'S The Boy I've known and loved all this time.

He further reports that he's doing all his work at school. I have no way of verifying this because Coach Teacher Sir is NOT using the point sheet that had been in place as part of his IEP. I'm sure we'll be discussing this whenever we have our meeting.

All in all, he's been super, and his week was a great success...unless I hear otherwise.

Maybe The Boy is growing up a bit.


  1. I'm thinking that sounds like a good week at school

  2. That's VERY cool that Ms. Mouthy got busted when she was giving The Boy a hard time. Good for him!!! Glad to hear that his first week of HS was a success - ours was too.

  3. That is really great that things are going so well for him. I love the VSE reference and that he feels above that.
    Hope that girl doesn't give him any more problems.

  4. Yay!! I'm happy right along with you!

  5. Glad that things went well this week. as a mom to a child who had his share of issues in school I know how worrisome it can be...

  6. So glad that its going well so far!

  7. Ha! Im glad he tattled on her! Good for him.


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