August 01, 2010

Who Do YOU Write Like?

Yesterday, I was reading submissions and comments from Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus (well, it WAS Saturday, after all), and somewhere in my travels I came across a gem of a site.

I Write Like lets you copy a block of text from your blog, or email, or stuff you just make up on the fly, and have your text analyzed to see what famous (or infamous) author has a writing style that is similar to yours.

I have no idea how this works - maybe it selects randomly from a database of authors...but it sure could be a conversation starter.

The Mister commented on my Saturday Centus post, and said that I write like J. K. Rowling. That is high praise from him, since the Harry Potter series is one that he has read several times.

And ya know which authors came up as my result on three separate submissions?

J. K. Rowling (I
Kurt Vonnegut
William Gibson, a cyberpunk SciFi author - I'd never heard of him, so I'm not sure whether I should be filled with pride or dismay! 

Here's my beef: Does all my stuff here appear to be science fiction-y to just that analyzer, or to everyone? Are my madcap adventures and mishaps beyond the realm of normal life?

Am I already living in my dystopian society, and nobody thought to tell me?

And then, I find this Vonnegut quote that leads me to believe that, no matter what genre you tack on to his name (or mine), we do see eye to eye on some things...

Laughter and tears are both responses to frustration and exhaustion. I myself prefer to laugh, since there is less cleaning up to do afterward.
I DO tend to use humor and laughter to get through the rough spots, so we do have that in common...and I think I've made it pretty clear that I avoid unnecessary cleaning every chance I get.

Go ahead, enter your text on I Write Like, and, in your comments, let me know what authors YOU write like!


  1. How totally random - I write like Stephen King!! I've never even read on of his books!

  2. I write like - Cory Doctorow, Stephenie Meyers (WOO HOO!), and William Gibson. Not a bad group! Fun suggestion on the "I Write Like" website.

  3. Yeah, the site is pretty wacky! I think it's all a bunch of hooey, myself. (is that how you spell "hooey"?) I don't even remember who it said I wrote like...something really NOT like me...such as Jane Austen! Don't worry, June! We, your faithful followers, know who you REALLY write like! Why, it's YOURSELF! And that's really cool.

  4. Apparently I write like Stephen King. So where are my million bestsellers????

  5. Ooooh. A new addicting site for me!

    I got Mark Twain. Then I did it again and got Stephen King.


  6. I did several different posts and got..
    Stephen King twice
    William Gibson twice
    and also Ray Bradbury on my poem.

    That was fun and interesting, I really got distracted from reading blog posts though. Like an hours worth of distracted! LOL!

  7. I write like Chuck Palahniuk who did Fight Club and Margaret Atwood.


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