September 08, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered Why You Bothered? No? Maybe It's Just Me Then

It ain't easy being June Freaking Cleaver - there are all these expectations attached to the name. You know, domestic goddess, loving mother, got-it-all-figured-out wife, wearer of pearls.

Some days, I just don't hit the mark...who am I kidding? - I NEVER hit the mark.

Anyway, I saw this awesome recipe - chocolate, peanut butter AND marshmallow creme. What could be more perfect? Chocolate Fluffer-Nutter Bars. That recipe

I searched for the recipe, but I forgot what blog it was on. 

Actual dialog in my head - I know, it had to be Lick the Bowl Good (love the name, though I want to change the last word to Clean, but that's just me).  

I searched the blog - the recipe was GONE! And I forced The Mister to buy the ingredients I needed! I was convinced it was on this blog, because I distinctly remember seeing a tutorial of how to frost a cake. I even did the "I'm not worthy" head bob and hand signals at the computer because, well, I'm NOT worthy. Remember, I am a Wilton dropout.

Nothing could convince me that Lick the Bowl Good did not have my recipe. So what did I do? I harassed Monica, the lovely blog authoress, via email. On a national holiday, no less. I feel so ashamed.

She said she NEVER had that recipe on her blog. Here is our email conversation:


I could have sworn there was a recipe for a Fluffer Nutter Bar on your site. Am I delusional, or did it go away?

I bought all the ingredients, thinking I'd print out the recipe today - and alas, it wasn't here!

If I'm totally wrong about it ever being here, I'm going to blame it on old

Monica's reply:
You have me totally cracking up over here, but I don't have a recipe for Fluffernutter Bars on my blog! I'm not sure where you saw them but I'm sorry I don't have the recipe for you- I wish I did.

I looked through my massive list of blogs I follow on Blogger. It appears I gave up my search just a little bit too soon, alphabetically speaking.

Enter Pumpkin Tart. Another perfectly scrumptious blog...and the home of the Chocolate Fluffer-Nutter Bars.

Yesterday, I made the bars.

They look like the picture on her blog. I know I followed the directions to the letter.

The best I can say about them? Ho hum.

They don't suck, but I wouldn't donate them for a school bake sale** (see more about this rating, below). 

The Boy, who inhales food faster than the Dyson sucks up cat hair? He took two bites and announced, "Here, you can have it. I'm not hungry." 

The Boy giving away food? The Boy ever uttering "I'm not hungry"? - alert the media!

The Mister and I also give them a mediocre (at best) rating. Why did I go to the trouble of making them?

**The "donate to a school bake sale" is my internal rating system for baked goods. Think of it as my Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval - since we all know I'll never be good at housekeeping.


  1. Hilarious, June! I'm so sorry they didn't taste as scrumptious as they sounded! Did you also e-mail Pumpkin Tart and ask about them? That would still be bothering me, too...I'd have to find.out.more.information!

  2. Unfortunately not all recipes are winners, though the ingredients in these sound yummy together. I'm sorry they weren't better.

    Thanks for the shout out- I appreciate it. And I'm glad we could chat together even if i didn't have the recipe for you :-)

    Hope your next baking venture turns out more successful for you!


  3. It sounds like a good concept ... but anything with peanut butter is not going to make my favorites list.


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