September 20, 2010

Never Give Up - They Say Even Moses Was a Basket Case

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I saw the title on a church sign yesterday. We at the Cleaver compound are not quitters, even though we've had more than our share of challenges in the past couple of years.

Finally, some good news:

The Boy got his mid-term report card. Five A minuses, two As. WTG, Boy! Let's hope he continues doing his very best!

Even better than his grades, NOT ONE OUTBURST! Not one phone call from school. YIPPEE!

The Boy seems to be maturing a bit - we are very happy with his progress. 

The Boy had an appointment with his new psychiatrist - we like her! She wants to see if we can start to decrease some meds at some point. She'll decide when we start after she gets to know The Boy a bit better.

The Mister got a JOB - he starts this Wednesday! It's only a three month contract, but it's work! He'll be in the local area for a few weeks, then will be working onsite - about two hours away. 

He'll be staying near work during the week, and traveling home on weekends. The Boy and I will have to muddle through without him here...I think we'll manage. I have years of single parent experience - I can hold down the fort while The Mister is bringing home the bacon (I'm also skilled at mixing metaphors).

I'm still looking for work - there would be much joy and celebration if I also found a job.

So if you're also having difficulties, and you are so discouraged that you are sure things will never get better, remember: DON'T.GIVE.UP. Not ever.

Even though I've often felt that Murphy's Law should be renamed to our last name, because it seems that everything that can go wrong, has gone wrong for us...we have not thrown in the towel. We have not blown this pop stand. We have not taken our marbles and gone home. We haven't even decided to just lie down and take a dirt nap - oh, how I love my metaphors!

Although all the negativity and drama gets more people to read your blog - at least, that's what I've found. My readership has markedly decreased since I have nothing cranky/bad/nasty/disastrous to report.

I'll take the hit in blog statistics for an improvement in our bottom line every time.

I'm sure we'll still have other things we can whine about, ok?


  1. Well done boy! Well done Mr. And well done to you too. So glad things are looking up for you. X.

  2. I think it's sad that your readership would go down just because things are looking up in your neck of the woods. I can definitely say that will not make me quit reading your posts. I'm loyal like that. Very happy for all your good news, and hoping you find a new job soon!!

  3. I LOVE the title and I'm going to steal it for my facebook status! Thanks.

    Also that is wonderful about the boy, glad to hear he is doing so well. Yay!

  4. Whoot! I love the name of your post. Too funny! Moses is good company to keep. Sounds like things are looking up. I love it when that happens!

  5. Hey Junie! So happy for The Boy, and that The Mister got a job!! Yay! Now he won't be hanging around his man cave all day, bugging you, right?! Your job will come along next...and surely fairly soon! I, the psychic, have spoken!

  6. Well I, for one, am over the moon for you! You deserve it after all the crap you've had to put up with. Keeping fingers crossed that things don't change ... and that you finally get a job!


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