September 22, 2010

Our Postal Service Once Again Cannot Find its Butt with Both Hands

I am NOT a fan of our local post office. Sure, the building is kinda cute, as post offices go in podunk little towns. See?

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Right next to our post office is our City Hall. It's new, and totally cute. See?

It's where our checks for the water, sewer and garbage bills end up...unless you mail said check from the post office next door. Put your envelope in one of those mailboxes outside the post office, and you'll start accruing late charges at city hall.

Been there, done that.

It appears that the check travels from our teeny, tiny post office to a big, honkin' post office in St. Louis - THEN it makes the return trip to our little post office and is finally delivered next door.

That's a sixty mile trip for a distance of 0.08 miles.

It only took us one cycle of late charges to change OUR behavior. We just pay that bill at the City Hall drive-up window now. 

Cut out the middle man. No penalty is assessed, no stamp wasted.

We've been hoodwinked once again by the local Post Office. The Boy's Medicaid renewal paperwork got lost in the mail.

His Medicaid was canceled. That means that his new psychiatrist will not get reimbursed for his visit.


Guess that's one more thing that will be hand delivered from now on.

I went to the Medicaid office Monday, and got his coverage reinstated - or so I thought.

I was expecting him to be covered Tuesday. And I even called the folks at the state level to verify it.

THEN I called in for a refill of his most expensive medicine - he had enough pills left for Tuesday night, and that's it.

When I picked up the medication, this appears on THEIR Medicaid screen at the pharmacy:


The pharmacy tech showed it to me, after I explained that I had just talked to the state folks before calling for the refill.


So I pay $9.69 - for THREE PILLS. Enough medicine to last 24 hours.

I get home and call our county Medicaid office - THEIR screen says he is covered.

Left hand not knowing what right hand is doing here.

The worker at the county office actually called back and said that the state is experiencing computer problems.

No shit.

She also said that "a very nice woman named Penny" will be calling ME to let me know when the problem is resolved.

Until then, I'll be spending $9.69 a day, and depleting our nation's petroleum reserves by driving to the pharmacy and receiving yet another prescription bottle...and three lonely pills.

I figure that "Penny for your thoughts" fits here, but wasn't sure where to put it.

Update: At 8:05 this morning, I got that call from the "very nice woman named Penny". The problem has been resolved, The Boy's insurance should now be active!



  1. Oh good Lord it sounds like my podunk town

  2. And they wonder why there is distrust and frustration toward the government...REALLY? There's probably a form for that that should be completed in triplicate and notarized.

  3. And they want us to be comfortable with them running healthcare? Our taxes are bad enough!

  4. just be patient, it is for "our Benefit" that they are so inefficient.. (oh, i am just joking here,, lol)

  5. wow. That doesn't even make sense with the post office. oh wait, it does, cuz they have to go through their little scanner thingy. But still. Nuts.

  6. Our town is the same way. That's the government for you. They always want more money, but they don't want to work for it.

  7. No wonder they are hopefully going out of business. What a pain for you! We have some expensive meds, too, and I get messy when it happens to me! Glad things worked out for you!

  8. sounded like a lot of hassle. glas you got the insurance sorted in the end.


  9. So nice to see the government in action. NOT.

  10. Doesn't it just make you want to pull your hair out, scream, cuss, etc. etc.?? And what makes it even worse is that this kind of stuff happens in every aspect of our lives..the utility companies, the cable/dish companies, the ....The left and right hands need to discover they're both attached to the same brain!!!!

  11. Gah! My mail lady loses my stuff all the time. I get mail the day it's due most of the time. She give us my inlaws mail at least once a month. She lost our rent one time too.
    Now I mail stuff from my mom's house.


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