September 21, 2010

Post-it Note Tuesday - 09/21/10

It's Tuesday once again - time for Post-it Note Tuesday!

I've skipped the last couple of weeks, but today, I'm joining That One Mom and linking up!

June Freaking Cleaver's 2010 Word Verification Dictionary, Volume 2

You can view Volume 1, here.

This is where I make up do endless research to find the definitions for the word verification words I've run across lately, in an effort to improve your vocabulary. I'm all about educating YOU, ya know.

You'll thank me later, I'm sure.





Alternate definition found. By 'alternate', I mean naughty (even the Post-it is blushing):


Be sure to check everyone's Post-it Notes - they'll make you smile!


  1. The hair ball one and this one: Mu-TEN-ee-ess-pee had me cracking up! I love that you look these words up! That's something I would do...I'm a googleholic.

  2. LMAO! Seriously... rolling on the floor laughing! These are GREAT! Someone who can make me laugh this hard via internet deserves a new follow! :)

  3. I love this! Cat-em-TIZZ - I get to clean that up all the time!

  4. You're beyond clever. ;-)
    I prefer the "alternate" definition of Lingla! LOL!

    I implore bloggers to turn off word verification but, your definitions make it somewhat bearable. Just sayin. ;-)

  5. LOL!! Too funny! I caome across so much word verification on Tuesdays I'd like to scream!

  6. I love this! Word verification? I don't love that!

  7. love it!!!! i got the word gaydar on a word verification last week and i almost died!!??

  8. Following you from PINT. Cute blog!

  9. I'm glad Becky had a link to your blog. I really enjoyed the definitions you made up---er, researched.

    I also read your biographical bit. Your "fondness" for housework reminded me of a friend, who was talking about her "sticky" kitchen floor needing to be mopped. She claimed that sticky floors are safer--you can't slip or slide when your feet keep getting stuck to puddles of dried jelly and gravy...So, make the sacrifice for the safety of your loved ones: Do not EVER mop your floors again!

  10. So funny! I think "crandee" is my favorite.


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