September 01, 2010

Random Thoughts and Wanderings in the Internets

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Just some random stuff today. I've posted before about one of my favorite recipe blogs, Mennonite Girls Can Cook. Their post today (and for the next couple of days) will highlight a get-together of the women who post recipes on the site (they did not all know each other when they started the blog two years ago). I've prepared many recipes that I found there (the dishes are always photographed so beautifully). I just love reading their individual blogs, too. They are kindhearted women who came together to share their love of preparing food for family and friends, and to share the fellowship that comes from giving to others.

You really should see the pictures of all the women meeting for the first time - after two years of recipes, and well over a million hits to their blog. They're not doing it for fame or fortune (but I think they really should consider a cookbook!).

Did you hear about the  California golfer whose shot from the rough caused a 25-acre brush fire? It just took one spark. Luckily for the golfer, he is not being charged with a crime - and the fire department showed up to take care of the blaze. And read the comments from the story - some are quite funny. You can read about it here.

Also, St. Louis was ranked 12th among America's Manliest Cities. Sponsored by Combos snacks, the rankings considered (among other criteria) sports, manly lifestyle, manly retail stores, manly occupations and salty snack sales (like eating Combos is an indication of macho mojo). Check here to see how your city fared! 

I'm preparing for The Boy's IEP meeting coming up. The Boy is behaving himself in school thus far, but I am documenting all the things that aren't quite up to snuff, IEP-wise. For example, he's in an adaptive PE class this year. Yesterday's activities included the "I Am a Teapot" stretch, "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes", and the ever-popular Simon Says. Remember, he's a freshman in high school, not a preschooler. One thing that is almost guaranteed to cause a major outburst at school is to insist that The Boy do some activity where he feels they are underestimating his intelligence. I think that qualifies. But he did NOT have an outburst yesterday - he held it in, and didn't even tell me about it until it was almost time for bed. Yay, Boy...way to keep your cool!

I fear we will need TWO meetings, since The Boy must have an IEP for planning his transition from high school to the real world before his 16th birthday (it's part of the IDEA 2004 Federal law). I've been researching stuff, and just watched a state department of education video about the transition planning process - I have lots to learn. 

The Mister, The Boy and I will  be attending a FREE one-day seminar this month in Jefferson City, our state capitol, on transitioning to get us thinking about what he wants to do when he's finished his public school education. 

Some of the topics we'll learn about include Self-Determination, Person Centered Planning, Disability Awareness, Going to College, Independent Living, Getting a Job, and Understanding the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).


  1. That's awesome about no outburst over the PE activities! Way to go "The Boy"!!!

    Been praying for him that this would be a better/easier school year for all of you.

    :-) SO proud of him for you!

  2. Well, no wonder my husband loves St. Louis so much, LOL!

    Glad to hear that The Boy is transitioning well and school is ok so far. I tend to agree on the choices of exercise though, I think anyone in their right mind would feel a bit silly with that.

    The golfing fire was too insane. I am glad that they are not charging him though...who could have dreamt that one up?

  3. It sounds like The Boy is making some real strides!!!

    And that gym stuff ... that is preschool or kindergarten stuff. What an insult!!!

  4. I love the Mennonite website too!

  5. I was actually reading a Mennonite/Amish cookbook I have this morning.

    Not sure if I should visit that site or note!


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