September 18, 2010

Saturday Centus - 09/18/10 - Spotlight on the Family

It's Saturday, and I'm giving Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus prompt a run for the money.

The rules? The prompt must appear, in its original form, within your story. You have 100 words to work with (nothing naughty). Link up with Jenny, and see all the great responses.

Spotlight on the Family (prompt appears in bold)

The baby woke up crying when they argued this afternoon.

She wanted them to be a family, but lately, they bickered almost daily. Hateful words were exchanged that couldn't be taken back. Just yesterday, Levi, feeling attacked, and with his feelings hurt, slammed the front door as he left.

Today, she broke their engagement when she heard about his new girlfriend's pregnancy.

"This is never going to come out", she thought as she scrubbed at the spot on the worn carpet. She shouldn't have thrown that plate of spaghetti at him. She scrubbed harder, wanting to finish up in time for the county Tea Party rally.

Mom WAS right - this 'hope-y, change-y thing' hadn't worked out well at all.


  1. I'm rolling here. What a fantastic take on the prompt. As they used to say "ripped from today's headlines". I guess I should feel somewhat sad that I even get this. But I'm too busy laughing. Loved this! Kat

  2. Loved it too! I especially like the "county Tea Party rally." Suddenly, I don't feel so bad about my own life! So, thanks! Thanks too for visiting and commenting on my centus.

  3. June Freaklng Cleaver is pretty freaking clever.


  4. Very smart and funny post. Hey, maybe they ALL should go on a reality show and duke it out lol.

  5. I am totally loving your take on this prompt! I admit, I was a bit confused at first until I remembered who this Levi dude was. Totally love the perspective you took :) You are awesome!

  6. Very nice Ms. Cleaver...I am laughing because their was another post with thrown spaghetti. What is with the pasta? I need to be careful what I serve around here

  7. Brilliant, Mrs. C! And here I thought Levi and Bristol were the cornerstone of a future political Camelot! Ahh, dashed illusions!

    Love it!

  8. Such a fun piece from the prompt. Yes, i know it is far from funny, but still.

  9. MWAHAHAHAHA! Young love....don't they just epitomize it??!! Timely yes, but HILARIOUS!!!

  10. Great job! This made me laugh out loud when I "got it!"
    Love it. :)

  11. Snort!
    love the political undertone

  12. That was too funny. And I love the spaghetti throwing. Because we all have that urge to do at some point.

  13. I'd love to have a reason (& plateful) of spagettii to throw! It must feel really energising! Love this post you clever lady!

  14. Meow!
    This is what I call drama-in-a-nutshell! So much happening with so few words! It was interesting that she was cleaning up her own mess.
    Great post!

    Sara Cat
    Sara Cat's SC Week #20

  15. Hilarious!! Oh her mom seems so wise...hahaha. Really clever take on the SC this week! Loved it. I just hope I only have to see these particular characters in written form and never...cross my fingers...on their own reality show. Dancing with the Stars is enough.

  16. I like the double meaning of the spilled spaghetti plate and the relationship that is not working.
    Good work!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC-Week-20

  17. JFC! This was really neat. I liked how you changed directions several times in the middle of the prompt.

    It was quite fun and unexpected.

    You're cool.


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