September 27, 2010

Thanks to Netflix, I Can Finally Say I Have My First Movie/TV Star Crush

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There must be something wrong with me. I missed the whole adolescent phase where I was supposed to fall in love with a character on TV or in the movies.

I never had posters of teen heartthrobs on my wall. I never read Tiger Beat, hoping for a chance to read all about what my crush was doing, or to gaze longingly into his eyes in a glossy picture.

I never felt the need to want to rescue a movie star and make him all better (no Team Jacob or Team Edward here).

But in my adult life, I was often a magnet for the downtrodden and the misunderstood.

When it came to men, I was known to be quite fond of a "fixer upper". I swear the words inscribed on the Statue of Liberty were meant for me:

"Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

I love me a man who is a big, honkin' fleshy lump of wretched refuse.

Even my television viewing habits reflect this desire to love the unlovable. I'll take Dr. House over McDreamy any day.

I'm weird like that.

I loved watching House, M.D. The tortured soul of Dr. Gregory House intrigued and repelled me, at the same time. I wanted to heal his sore leg and claim his broken heart as my own.

But now Dr. House has been replaced as my television heartthrob. Oh, I'll still watch the show, but I'll probably want to smack the character more than hug him now.

Be still, my fickle heart.

One day, in an effort to avoid domestic responsibilities broaden my horizons, culturally speaking, I queued up Doc Martin, a medical dramedy from across the pond.

Thank you, Netflix Instant Play.

It was love at first insult.

Dr. Martin Ellingham is a former surgeon who becomes the general practitioner for the quirky villagers in Portwenn, a quaint seaside village in North Cornwall, UK.

Does he resign from his high powered job to help the common man?

Nope. He develops a blood phobia. The very sight or smell of blood causes him to hyperventilate and vomit.

If Doc Martin let his hair grow long, I'd hold it for him when he threw up.

Why does Doc Martin make me have palpitations?

He's rude, he's anything but politically correct, he is socially awkward (like The Mister).

He needs me.

Is he physically attractive? Nope, not at all.

He's clumsy, has "childbearing lips" (a quote from the actor, Martin Clunes), and ears that stick straight out.

He hasn't met a doorframe that he hasn't hit his head on.

How endearing.

He says stupid things all the time. He has offended almost all of his patients.

The first time I met The Mister, he informed that he "says stupid things all the time".

Remembering that fact has kept me from verbally abusing him...on numerous occasions.

And with Doc Martin's British accent, the doctor is exactly like Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. 

Except for his living accommodations (no estate for the doc, he lives above his surgery)...
and the lack of social graces...
and his physical appearance.

He's positively dreamy.

Doc Martin has no friends and spends his free time insulting the townspeople when he isn't reading obscure medical texts, kicking dogs or repairing antique clocks. The Mister hangs out in his cave, playing games online when he isn't reading obscure books about swords and dragons and other fantasy stuff.

He's perfect for me.

You really should take the time to watch Doc Martin. If you don't have Netflix, you can find the show on Hulu, and even on The fifth season is due to be filmed in 2011.

I think you'll fall in love with the show too.

But remember, Doc Martin (and The Mister) are MINE.

Enjoy this clip that shows some of Doc Martin's endearing qualities:



  1. this is new to me, but i think i like the style,, lol

  2. So what I hear you saying is that he reminds you of The Mister...

  3. You can keep him if I can keep Vin Diesel... deal? =)

  4. Hey! I'm a fixer-upper girl, too.

    Anthony Bourdain is past the worst of his drug problem, but he still seems so cynical. *Heart skips a beat*

  5. I haven't watched this yet, but saw a commercial for it on...I think...PBS? It did look like my kind of show!! I'll have to remember to watch it!! And, yeah...I like "different" looking actors, too. Especially if they can make me laugh..I find them extremely attractive...


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