September 30, 2010

Writer's Workshop - 09/30/10 - Teachers Say the Darndest Things

It's Thursday, and I'm returning to the crackerjack prompts supplied by Mama Kat for today's blog post. Be sure to play along and check out all the great responses!

But teachers know everything!! Write about a time a teacher disappointed you.

Being the disobedient sort, I put my own spin on this prompt. I thought I'd just walk backwards in my mind and list SOME of the less than helpful things teachers, a principal, a classroom aide and one director of a summer recreation program (among others, I'm sure) has said with regards to The Boy.

In second grade, Mrs. H. told The Boy that she had a bipolar daughter - and that she sent her away. The Boy has been waiting years for me to do the same with him.

The director of a Y summer day camp program called The Boy "the R word" (he was afraid to say it. I was not familiar with that particular word - until the boy whispered "retarded".

Right before the beginning of his second try at 3rd grade, I had a meeting with his new principal. I told her that he would utter threats when he felt threatened himself. She responded with, "Well, I'll suspend him."   

The director of Special Ed said that it would be against the law to suspend him, because this behavior was due to his disability. Again, she said that she would suspend him...and suspend him she did, in his first week at school.
That suspension was a blessing in disguise - we changed schools and had a marvelous teacher take over.

One of the aides he had at that school, however, missed the sensitivity bus, as she repeatedly called The Boy "stupid".

In NY, The Boy would be sent to the Special Ed resource room to cool down after an outburst - they had a "calm down room" installed in one corner. Unfortunately, the area was more like a partitioned area, with no top on it. One day, The Boy saw fit to throw his shoes OVER the partition, while the teacher had the other children in the room duck under their desks for protection, because "The Boy was dangerous".

Perhaps she could have had him remove his shoes BEFORE she put him in there?

Just yesterday, I got a phone call from The Boy's new teacher. The Boy had refused to put away his backpack RIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL WAS OVER - even after several demands that he do so. When a child is in Special Ed, a Functional Behavior Plan (FBP) is created to tell the teacher the particular "triggers" for bad behavior (let's say, as an example, REPEATEDLY ORDERING THAT HE DO SOMETHING - asking politely works so much better than telling), and to give the teacher a set list of actions to take in an attempt to de-fuse the undesired behavior (for example, let The Boy take a short walk to calm down, and try again).

Apparently, Mr. B doesn't know this - maybe because he has NO degree in Education, let alone Special Ed. At no point in the FBP is there a step where The Boy is threatened with a visit to the assistant principal OR TO HIS PROBATION OFFICER. 

The Boy is no longer on probation, so I'm not sure how Mr. B knew about the probation officer's name, or why he thought it would be okay to bring out the 'juvenile justice bazooka' - I'm talking big guns - over something that is really not so complicated (or important, in the entire scheme of things).

After The Boy arrived at home, in tears, and very upset, he told me that he is afraid of Mr. B. The Boy has already said repeatedly that he is NOT going back to school today.

Don't you envy me this morning?

I know that if I wanted him to put his backpack away, I'd offer some sort of incentive, or create a distraction, just to get that backpack where I wanted it to be. 

And I'm not just disappointed...I'm pissed. 

Stay tuned. 


  1. How disappointing to know that an aide called your son Stupid!

    And I can't wait to hear the outcome of Mr B! What a jerk!

  2. I don't blame you... I would be pissed too...

  3. Jerks - give them an ear full and let 'em have it!

  4. Is our education system so whacked that they are allowing people without degrees in education to be leading classrooms? Why the heck did I pay for 5 1/2 years of schooling so I could call myself a teacher?

    I'm looking forward to the outcome of this one...and I don't feel too sorry for Mr. B and whatever he has coming!

    Good luck!

  5. Um yeah.

    I think Mr. B. needs to be removed from his position.

    How can he even be a "teacher" much less a sped "teacher?"

    Prayers and love to you.

  6. That is miserable! I hpe you go down there and talk some sense into them and get Mr. B out of there, it is clear he does not belong.

  7. I'd be livid. What horrible teachers/aides, etc. And especially to call a kid 'retarded' or a 'stupid'. Though I have to say, the first one bugged me the most - poor The Boy - worrying that you would send him away :(
    Hope they day gets better for you!

  8. Oh man ... I'm sorry to hear that New Teacher Man is starting to show his weaknesses.

    And I am in shock at the insensitivity of some of the teachers you and the Boy have encountered during the years.


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