October 10, 2010

10/10/10 Equals Two!

Two years ago today, in a small ceremony in the Cleaver compound living room, The Mister and I were married.

Yes, we two old farts crazy kids tied the knot just two years ago. 

The Mister thought we were married three years ago; at another time, he also said it seemed like it's been five years.

I'm still deciding if I should feel happy or insulted by those remarks.

I asked him if he wanted to renegotiate our contract, but he said that there's no negotiation necessary on a contract with no end date.

I guess that means that he's in this for the long haul. Life without parole, if you will.

I <3 him.

It's been an interesting two years, fraught with unemployment, and an arrest (The Boy's), as well as lots of joyous occasions. Two daughters married last year (one mine, one his).

We now share six children and six grandchildren. We're blessed. 

I know I still have lots to learn about the inner workings of The Mister's mind (he's a complicated individual). He's so much more than that grumpy guy holed up in the man cave.

He does most of the grocery shopping. He buys me Coke Zero and chocolate. He gives some serious hugs.

He tolerates my inattention to detail in all things domestic. He knows how to operate a vacuum. He hangs up his own laundry.

He said he would treat me like a queen, though, in hindsight, I'd prefer the role of princess, since it comes with no adult responsibilities. 

I knew he was the one when he laughed heartily at my favorite joke. A very long joke, that I typed, line by line. He paid attention to the end...and laughed. I knew then that he could handle (and listen to) my nonstop chatter without considering gunplay.

He has figured out how to deal with The Boy, to varying degrees of success. Let's face it, most men would have run away screaming just thinking about taking on both The Boy and me.

He does have this annoying habit of saying that I tell lies about him in the blog - I prefer to think that he suffers from selective memories and an overriding inability to recognize nuance - although I do admit that I occasionally "embellish" a bit. That's what we writers do. If he wants to tell it HIS way, he can get his own blog, ya know?

Oh, and he's constantly telling me that I am not in charge. 

Pshaw, we wives know who captains the marital dinghy - teehee.

He's very opinionated, and confident that he has THE answer in most situations. Sometimes I tell him he's delusional. Other times, I just say that he's such a goober (and he calls me a Raisinette). 

He strategizes and plans, I fret and wing it. We work well together need each other manage to muddle through.

Except in the van. His driving aggravates me. I have learned to stifle my screams due to his tendency to tailgate. And he has yet to strangle me when I warn him that there's a car close by (and when I say "close by", I mean within 75 yards). In these two years, I haven't seen much of the St. Louis area, since my eyes are usually closed to keep me from fright-induced cardiac failure.

Thank God for the GPS.

The one epic fail occurred when I agreed to say "obey" in our vows.

That is one concept I have a lot of difficulty embracing.

Being disobedient is just so much more fun for me. Can any of you see me as being obedient? It is to laugh...

We've already had an anniversary luncheon at Red Lobster (I recommend the grilled shrimp); today I'll be baking a Caramel Apple Pie while The Mister watches grandson Nate play soccer.

And we have plans to fire up the breadmaker after dinner to make some copycat Cinnabons (hmm, vanilla pudding in the recipe). He can take some cinnamon rolls with him when he goes out of town for work on Monday.

Not exactly the typical lovey-dovey anniversary celebration - but The Mister and I simply don't DO typical.

Here's to many, many more years where we wonder how we survived without each other! 



  1. Awwww, this post is perfect! And many more years of happiness are in your future, I can feel it!
    I like the part where you say he treats you like a queen although you'd prefer being a princess since there are no adult responsibilities...and usually princesses are younger. That's what i want: the position of princess!

  2. Happy anniversary from another Sandra!

    In a business seminar one time a speaker talked about the difference between "perfect" and "excellent". He was talking about the difference in regard to managing, but I find that what he said applies to most things in life. What he said was that an excellent manager is never going to be perfect -- but will still be excellent if he's doing his very best with the right intentions.

    I think that applies to marriage too -- so it sounds like you have an excellent one. And I wish you many, many more. :)

    (I love "goober" and "raisenette" as pet names. A healthy sense of humor certainly helps too, doesn't it.)

  3. That's a good lookin' couple.

    Did you hire models?

  4. What a wonderful post :-) It made me smile today. Happy, Happy Anniversary with many more disobedient years to come!!

  5. Wonderful post! Congratulations to both of you, and best wishes for many more years of fun and frolic!

    Your H and mine must have had the same driving instructor! Sheesh!

  6. you had me at coke zero and chocolate. :)

    Happy Anniversary

  7. This is sweet ... and makes The Mister sound ... well, not so bad!! In fact, he sounds like the perfect match for you! Here's to many more years together and a contract with no end date!

  8. Happy Happy and all that mushy stuff:)

    Hey- as long as you recognize the flaws in each other... and don't try to change ALL of them... what more is there?

    Seriously- congrats on finding THE OTHER GUY in the US that does his own laundry... HeMan Hubby even LIKES TO IRON!!! Am I not LUCKY or what!?

    And thank you for the lovely comment on my writer's workshop cancer piece.
    I have been asked permission to publish it in a medical magazine in Georgia... I said 'Well Heck Yeah!" or something equally distinguished and intelligent like that.
    It is nice to know that some of the pain and awful-ness that I have dealt with over the years actually has a purpose to serve... I hope!

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend...

  9. Great post and a tribute to both of you, actually! You know I love your sense of humor, and I think THAT is so much more important in a marriage than most/some people think! I can't even imagine spending more than a few minutes with someone who doesn't know how to act silly and have fun and LAUGH! Congrats to you both and you do make a great looking couple! OH, BTW....The Ronald is the opposite of The Mister! He's the guy that slows down all the more when someone is tailgating him!! I, too, ride with my eyes closed many times! :)

  10. Congrats and Happy Anniversary! The trick is to let him think he is in charge, it never fails to make my hubby happy, so happy in fact he parades around with a grin and saying "I won"!

  11. Happy anniversary--here's to MANY more!

  12. Any blog named June Freakin' Cleaver I had to get to know better. I saw your comment over on Jenny's blog this morning. You've definately moved into my sidebar! :))

  13. Happy Anniversary... you sound very happy!!

  14. Fabulous post.


    You're damn right in that Princess versus Queen thing. I never thought of it that way, but I suddenly feel enlightened.

    I LOVE his answer about a contract with no end date. That's good stuff. And makes up for the number mishap.

    CINNABONS. Yes please.

  15. Awesome post! Happy Anniversary you two! I love the line about being a princess and not a queen. I want that too now.


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