October 03, 2010

The Best Day of the Boy's Life Thus Far!

Conversation between The Boy and I after school on Friday.

Boy: "Are you as excited as I am?"
Me: Yes, I actually am."
Boy: "Are you really excited, or just excited FOR me?"

This kid is getting smart. I WAS excited for him, because we were going to a performance that he's been looking forward to for almost a year.

The St. Louis County Library Headquarters was a magical place on Friday night, and we were there to experience it!

The Boy, grandson Eli and I attended an event that featured Dave Goelz, the man (and voice) behind the genius that is The Great Gonzo, of Muppet fame.

I have never been in a room that contained so many nerds folks (young and old) who were really knowledgeable about all things Muppet-related. The Boy even met a couple of Muppet fans he has communicated with in online forums (The Boy had posted about the event in the forums, that's how some of the attendees learned of the event). Yay, Boy!

There were scads of Muppet-shirted young men who obviously left their parents' basements to attend this event. The Boy said that some were so nerdy, they didn't live in the basement - they lived in the sub-basement. 

I don't recall where HE stole that line from.

I never thought I'd see a day when The Boy displayed better social skills than dozens of other people - but he did.

People came from miles around (FL, PA, IL, and other parts unknown) for the performance.

And I think it was well worth it, for several reasons.

Dave Goelz provided commentary during a DVD entitled Muppets 101, which showed early ads and performances by Jim Henson, as well as other clips related to The Muppet Show.

His inside info into the goings on provided great insight into the magic and mayhem of the Muppets.

Dave Goelz said that he didn't know what he was doing when he started as a Muppeteer, but said that it was impossible to fail. A puppet is supposed to be foolish - and he had no difficulty being silly and foolish in his real life.

It made me think that maybe The Boy is right about this career idea of being a puppeteer. What other job can he have that he can be insulting and sarcastic and get away with it?

Heck, where can I sign up for the job?

Dave also did a Q&A session with the audience (a full house, I might add). The Boy was lucky enough to get to ask the first question.

The Boy was in his element. He shone. He chatted with other fans, and used all of his social skills, and then some. I felt so hopeful about him, and about how he may navigate in the real world as an adult.

He rocked.

The Great Gonzo showed up to answer questions, too. I asked about his romance with a chicken, and got the background on how that idea took shape.

Eli asked Gonzo what his favorite song was. He was so excited to be chosen, and to be able to speak in the microphone.

All in all, it was a great night.

The pinnacle of the night was when The Boy got autographs from Dave Goelz, and spoke to him in his best Kermit the Frog impression. He told Dave that he was a puppeteer - Dave advised him to learn to do his OWN voice, because it was always easier than trying to copy someone else.

Here are some pics from the event. I don't know if I've ever seen such a genuine smile on The Boy's face in a picture before (usually, he sports what he refers to as his 'Garfield in trouble' face).

Eli, before the event started. Not his best picture, but he rarely allows photos to be taken of him.

The Boy with Ryan, the man behind the Muppet Mindset site (Apparently, "thumbs up" is some secret nerd greeting)

The Boy with Anthony, from the Tough Pigs site

An early Henson clip from the show 'Sam and Friends'

Dave Goelz, and the special guest, The Great Gonzo (sorry for the poor picture quality - had to zoom)

Dave and Gonzo, answering audience questions

The Boy, waiting in line for his autographs

The Boy and Dave Goelz

You can read The Boy's take on the evening here. Note that I did NOT edit his post - but I'll be discussing spelling and other grammatical issues with him at a later date.

I figured I'd let him stay on Cloud Nine for a bit longer.


  1. From one nerd to another - I am so jealous.

    Totally serious.

  2. how fun for all 3 of you. and your son looks sooooo happy.

  3. Gonzo is one of my favorites. Jim Henson was from the DC area...I love going down to the American History Museum and seeing the original Kermit, et al. Way cool that The Boy was able to meet Goetz!

  4. How wonderful for him ... and for you to get see him shining and being the best version of himself. He does look deliriously happy in those photos.

    I also appreciated your sarcasm and potshots throughout the post too!

  5. That is really cool and the smiles say it all!

  6. Nothing is more contagious than the pride of a mother -- I'm proud of him too! And happy for you that you got to be there to witness such a positive experience in his life.

    I'm not an especially big muppets fan, but your post makes me think I would have enjoyed this too.

  7. Oh, I would have enjoyed that evening. I've always been partial to Animal, though!

  8. I loved the Muppet Show...how fun for the Boy!

  9. Jealous!! What a fabulous evening!!

  10. Ahhh..... My favorite day ever.


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