October 12, 2010

Post-it Note Tuesday 10/12/10 - How I Spend My Wifely Vacation

Tuesday has reared its ugly head once more, so it is time for Post-it Note Tuesday

The following events may have been embellished to suit me - it's my blog, get over it.

A Tale of Woe is Me


  1. I am soooo glad I am not the only one who has days like this!!

    But I have mastered the art of looking like I did a lot and was too busy to clean the house ;b

  2. funny! i remember scrambling to get my chores done before my mom got home from work as a teen - now i just don't give a flying. LOL - I need to re-start the flylady cleaning program and whip my house into shape. loved this post!

  3. Ok so you have just described my life in a nutshell lol. wait I have things to do like take my mom to the doctor, my son to appointments, the whole 9 yards lol.. that is why I don't get cleaning done.

  4. Saw a comment by you, elsewhere. Really noticed your name "June Freakin Cleaver" -many giggles-

    Had to come over, and tell you this.


  5. When I have one of those days I just do the dishes and wipe the kitchen counters...it makes hubs think I actually did real work

  6. Hahaha! That is so similar to me, but I have no mister to come home and bring me back to reality!

  7. I relate to and admire how you deal with stress and deadlines!

  8. There MAY have been days in my stay-at-home-mommydom that I have waited until I know hubs will be home in about 10 minutes or so and I run through the house changing kids out of pajamas and picking things up off the floor so that it doesn't look like we did absofreakinlutely nothing that day.

    Plates of cookies just make all the mess go away!


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