October 09, 2010

Saturday Centus - 10/09/10 - Desperate Times Call for Desperate Actions**

Today is Saturday Centus time. The goal? Using the preassigned prompt, craft a story of no more than 100 words (not including aforementioned prompt). Keep it clean, there are kids in the room.

The prompt appears below, in BOLD.

"Get up, I have to get to work!", Mom nagged. It was only 4:17 am, per the alarm clock. She typically started work at 7.

Ever since she hit that mailbox in 1964, Mom never drove in the snow. Since Dad died, she'd enlist me to come over and spend the night - and I'd chauffeur her to work on snowy days.

My daughters and I woke, dressed and ate hurriedly. My mom was not one to dawdle around.

Where were my car keys?

Dangling in the ignition of my locked car. Craptastic.

If I had a hammer...

I took aim with a can of chick peas...

**True story. Even though I threw that can as hard as I could, the rear passenger door window would not break. 

The Louisville Slugger, however, did the trick - shattering both the morning silence AND the window. She made it to work, the kids made it to school...on time (just like Mussolini's trains).

And I drove with a sheet of plastic and duct tape over my window - a very cold 30 miles to work.

It's hard being the adult child of a dictator.


  1. great story! they make those windows practically bullet proof don't they? lol

  2. Funny but no so much for you at the time. I guess it's one of those things you can laugh about now, ha. I love true stories.

  3. There have got to be some perks to being the daughter of a dictator, right? For your sake, I hope there are.

    Fine write JFC.

  4. Such courage to break that window...don't think I could have done that!

  5. I tried camping alone (one time) and locked the keys in the car. Had a very difficult time breaking the window in the middle of no where. Feel your pain.

  6. Great story and I love Craptastic! :o)

  7. Oh goodness! What a story, made evn more breath taking as it was a true one!

  8. Now I know why my husband gave me one of those little tools for breaking windows! (Can't believe you had to resort to a baseball bat. You'd think the chick peas would have done the trick.)

    What a great story from the "adult child of a dictator." The "image of Mussolini's trains" is still in my brain.

    You are quite the writer, June.


  9. I love this story, especially since it was true. I also love the word 'craptastic.'
    Happy weekend.

  10. That is not fun It is my fear that I would lock keys in car

  11. I knew it was a true story. You gotta love someone who goes from chick peas to a Louisville Slugger!

    You need a spring loaded center punch in your purse. Inexpensive and works like a charm. Not that I'd know from experience or anything..... MWAHAHAHAHA!

  12. What a story! Locking your keys in the car is a nightmare that is not supposed to happen. What to do? And nor time to waste!
    Great choice for this prompt.
    I hate being picky, but isn't it so that we cannot change the wording of the prompt? You wrote "If only I had a hammer..." The prompt is simply "If I had a hammer..."
    Your story works either way.
    Best wishes,

    Anna's SC Week 23

  13. Oh man, craptastic is RIGHT! Love that it happened (well not that it happened to you because I am sorry about that - )

  14. You have a wealth of life experiences to use for these prompts, don't you!?

    Chick peas!

  15. I know this really happened. It is too funny to be made up! Good work!

  16. So sorry this is nonfiction, but it did give me a chuckle. Nicely done.

  17. I would have called it a sick day for all!
    but then, i don't deal with a dictator mom.
    Great story, thanks for sharing

  18. What a great story. Who'd of thunk that the chick peas wouldn't do the trick. So how is it that a tiny little pebble thrown by an 18 wheeler managed to crack my windshield LOL. Adult child of a dictator - I like that :) Kat

  19. what a great and well written story. i love that it is TRUE!

    as usual, your talent shines through your words.........cj

  20. Great story!! I don't think I would have been such a good daughter. LOL :)

  21. JFC, I think I have some bad news for you.

    I think your Mom might have cheated. Cuz I'm pretty darned sure we had the exact same one.

    Great story. I have, rudely, on occasion wanted to throw more than a can of chick peas at my personal dictator!

    Clever story. Thank you for linking.


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