October 23, 2010

Saturday Centus - 10/23/10 - Sometimes People Talk Too Much

It's Saturday, time for Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus.

The goal of this writing exercise? Using the prompt (appearing below, in bold), use a maximum of 100 words to craft a story. Keep it clean, there are kids in the room, ok?

Sometimes People Talk Too Much
Ms. Henderson's Communications class assignment? Tell a true story to the class.

Julie Peters said, "This is the scariest story I've ever heard!" She proceeded to tell the class about 'Hacking Helen'. Helen Henderson had used an axe to brutally murder her mother and two young brothers.

She told of Helen's lack of remorse during the trial, and how she smiled sweetly while the coroner described the victims' injuries in gory detail.

In 1982, Helen was released from the state asylum upon her 21st birthday, and she simply disappeared.

Whispering to Julie, Ms. Henderson said,"My family would still be alive if they hadn't told tales about me."


  1. OMG! Now THAT is a scary story!! Clever, imaginative, and utterly frightening! BRAVA!!

  2. OOOh, that is seriously scary, well done! :-)

    My Saturday Centus

  3. holy cow that is a scary story. i know everyone has a story and i am glad i read this one. even if it is brutal. i will share this story with my wife. she is drawn to clever and scary stories

  4. This was beyond EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!! Cudos!!!!

  5. Oh, I loved the twist! This was perfect! Kat

  6. That was freaky! Well done but freaky.

  7. OMG, I'd be up and out of that class in a New York minute LOL. This was really a very creepy story. Good job, ha, ha.

  8. Another well written and imaginative centus!
    It made me shiver.


  9. As usual, awesome idea and brilliantly done!! I bow before you!

  10. Now that is a bit naughty because I need to know more details! Great post!

  11. Omg that's one horrible lady .

  12. I love this. It's dark and frightening. I'm glad Helen's not my relative. Or is she?
    PS The name Henderson is a great touch.

  13. Ok that was too scary for little ole me...fab!

  14. Just an amazing job on this, June! Sounds like one woman whose wrath I want to avoid! LOL! Excellent!

  15. Holy cow!

    OK, OK!

    This was really scary! I loved this!

    I saved these to read on Halloween and now I'm totally glad I didn't read it TONIGHT!

    What a TREAT to read!

    Thank you for linking this.


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