October 26, 2010

Trouble At School Again...But Now I Got People At My Back

I've been busy. I got in contact with an organization, MPACT, to help me with the ongoing problems at school. They were nice enough to send a sample letter to me - I improvised from there. I also forwarded this letter to the Compliance unit of our state Department of Education.

June Freaking Cleaver
My street
Our Podunk Town, MO 00000

October 25, 2010

Mister Special Education Director
Our Little High School
Another Podunk Town, MO 00001

Reference: The Boy
DOB: 07/14/1995
School: Our Little High School

Dear Mr. Special Ed Guy,

I am writing to thank you for initiating the group counseling sessions for The Boy (as stated in his IEP). I appreciate your efforts in this regard.

I am concerned, however, that individual counseling specified in his IEP has not begun. But I fear we have bigger, more pressing problems to discuss.

I am concerned that Mr. Teacher Guy is not implementing The Boy’s IEP or Behavior Improvement Plan (BIP). As you know, the BIP provides for The Boy to have a quiet place to go when he is overwhelmed. The ’Safe Room’ is not being used. The Boy has not been given the option of leaving the room to re-establish his self-control.

Today, The Boy had Ms. Classroom Aide shadow him at lunch. This was not discussed with The Boy ahead of time. As you know, transitions and surprises are not well received by The Boy. He needs some time to process changes to his schedule.

He ran out of the building twice, and out of the classroom (but remained in the building) a third time. I know we are all concerned about The Boy’s safety, and know that elopement could cause him to be injured.

As a consequence of his behavior, Mr. Teacher Guy had The Boy (as a homework assignment) write the list of classroom rules.

The Boy already has an accommodation regarding handwriting. He has tremors (due to his medication), and his handwriting is sometimes barely legible. I have read his written assignment - I can say with great confidence that Mr. Teacher Guy will NOT be satisfied with The Boy’s response.

Can this be the best consequence for him?

He came home from school very upset. He was talking about suicide, as a means of not coming back to school.

I have serious concerns that Mr. Teacher Guy does not know the contents of the IEP and the BIP, and that is one reason that he is not implementing what is contained in them.

I also feel that he is a proponent of “tough love”, and The Boy does not react in a positive manner to this strict approach. His ’fight or flight’ response is activated - he is either going to strike out at someone, or flee. Today, he fled.

I am saddened by The Boy’s downward spiral since our last meeting in September. I am confused - is Mr. Teacher Guy actually referring to The Boy’s IEP and BIP when dealing with his negative behavior?

I would like to request an IEP meeting to discuss these issues. I am available during the school day. I would request a few days’ notice in scheduling, as Mr. Service Coordinator would also like to attend.

I look forward to hearing from you so that we may work together to keep this from becoming an even bigger problem. Please make this letter and your written response a part of The Boy’s permanent educational record.


Here's The Boy's homework:

The smartass apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.


  1. Ugh...I seriously don't like Mr. Teacher Guy at all...I hope he gets canned as a result of his negligence (which somehow seems too nice a word). Good luck with the meeting, hope things go well and The Boy can get back on track!

  2. I had a problem with a dang Gym teacher being put in as a special ed teacher to begin with. I would have done thomped his head for him. I have been here only I had to pull my son out and homeschool him for a year. He was going to go back the following year but had to have knee surgery and the principal refused to give him homebound even though he would have been bed bound and wheelchair bound for 6-8 weeks. So i said bite me and allowed him to take the Adult Education since he was 16 and he went to 3 classes and took his test and passed it. Umm yeah so he got a diploma before his class did, and we were sure to show it to the principal who had told him he was too dumb to ever do anything or finish school

  3. Mr Teacher Guy needs to be moved to what he has actual education in...clearly being the Special Education teacher is not working

  4. God Almighty this would piss me off to no end. (As I know it does you.) This is unacceptable, and I cannot believe they are disregarding The Boy's needs so blatantly. Now I'm seeing red. I'm glad you have some help on this and I pray this has some kind of positive outcome.

    Hugs to you.

  5. Oh, I would be so mad!! I hope you get The Boy back where he needs to be!


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