October 06, 2010

When The Mister's Away, June F. Cleaver Will Play...With Food!

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The Mister is working about two hours from here. He's gone from Monday morning until Thursday night. During this mini vacation from all things wifely In that time, The Boy and I manage to survive on our own...and I have come up with gastronomic adventures to keep me occupied.

I have selected some things The Mister either does not like, or probably won't like.

Monday's fare included No Bake Cookies, from Lick the Bowl Good. I've made these cookies before (once during The Mister Era); he was the only one at the Cleaver compound who didn't think think them perfectly delicious. The only change I made to the recipe was to use creamy peanut butter - I've never made the cookies with the crunchy variety.

Yesterday (Tuesday), I wanted to pick something that I was sure that The Boy would like, too. 

The Boy loves him some bacon. He would probably eat a pound of those fried strips all by himself, if he could. If bacon were ever declared a vegetable, he'd throw away his leather belts and shoes and totally embrace a vegan lifestyle.

I, on the other hand, have given bacon a lukewarm reception. If The Mister made it for breakfast, I'd eat a strip, just to be polite. But I'd never ask for it...that is, until he brought home thick sliced applewood smoked bacon. Can you say scrumptious?

I knew you could.

The Mister made said bacon for breakfast on Sunday, and we had some leftovers. 

I got to thinkin'. What would go really well with this fantastic bacon? I'd have to pick something spectacular, to ensure that there'd be a party in our mouths when we ate.

What can be better than bacon? How 'bout chocolate?

Surely, you've heard of the popularity of chocolate-covered bacon. It's all the rage at state fair concession stands across this great land.

And ya know, The Cleaver compound is very similar to the typical midway at the state fair...if by 'midway', you mean the freak show where they display the two headed piglet.

Anyway, I found a recipe for Chocolate-Covered Bacon. Of course, I didn't follow it - my bacon was already cooked, so I skipped that step and moved right to the part where I slather melted semi-sweet morsels over the strips.

I gently placed the chocolately bacon strips in the refrigerator to chill and set.

And I waited patiently. Okay, so maybe I peeked a time or two.

I let The Boy eat a strip of bacon (I only covered two of them) when he got home from school.

His response? "It's bacon, covered in chocolate. What can I complain about?" He rated it as 4.5 golden spatulas out of 5. He would have given it a 5, but he didn't like the semi-sweet chocolate.

I waited until after dinner to taste it. 

Do you know when a friend sets you up with a guy that everyone likes? You agree to go out with him because he looks good on paper. So you meet him in person, and you can't quite put your finger on it, but there's just something you just don't like about him in person? 

Let's just say that there won't be a second date with me and Chocolate-Covered Bacon.

Not even if he calls, begging for a second chance to make a first impression.

But then again, if his cousin stops by, covered in milk chocolate, I might just give HIM a try! Does that make me easy?

Today (Wednesday), I'll be making my maiden voyage with guacamole. Wish me bueno suerte!


  1. OK that doesn't even sound good to me at all. I don't think milk chocolate would even make it work for me. Wait I don't eat bacon anyway unless it's turkey bacon..if I told you what I knew about pork in general you probably wouldn't eat it either lol

  2. I'm sure you remember how much I love chocolate ... but this just does not sound good.

    Some things should not be messed with.

    keep on having fun with food!

  3. As disgusting as that sounds. I would probably try it. I like salty & sweet combos.


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