November 02, 2010

Get Out There and Vote, Will Ya?

It's Election Day in the US. It's been a contentious campaign season, mud has been slung from all sides.

There are lots of big problems that need attention.

I don't care about your party affiliation. I don't care where you stand on core issues.

But if you are registered to vote, exercise that right - and if not, then please refrain from exercising your right to complain about who is voted into office, ok?

I feel privileged to have the opportunity to make my voice heard in this small way. I know that my one vote can't sway things one way or another, but perhaps if all of us voted for the people we feel will do the best job, instead of the ones who say the most heinous things about their opponent, we'll end up with the government we NEED, not necessarily the one we deserve. 

We are all in this mess together - let's try to get along, shall we?

And for all of you who reside outside the borders of the US - I know that you are watching this election, as the US' influence carries throughout the world.

I, for one, have considered my vote carefully. This stuff matters, no matter what corner of the globe you may call home.

I endorse this post. Now take down the damned campaign signs and stop the ads and mailings!


  1. OH don't forget the annoying calls.. Those have driven me BATTY this week

  2. hear here,, my vote has been cast, i hope everybody votes for somebody.


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