November 10, 2010

Grossology: The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body

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Human beings are disgusting creatures; we have all manner of icky substances coming from various orifices in our bodies.

Smelly, mushy, icky, slimy, and scaly substances.

It's a fact of life.

The other day, Frank, Tammy and Seth decided to delve into the grossness of the human body. I was supposed to share in this adventure, but I found myself waking up with ear pain, and I didn't want to contaminate the loved ones, lest it was the beginning of an ear infection.

No, I'm not talking about potty training Seth, though poop was involved.

I'm talking about Grossology, the traveling science exhibit of 'The (Impolite) Science of the Human Body'.

I'm sorry I missed the trip. I think I would have had fun. Tammy, however, said it was lame, and a complete waste of money.

Pity, that.

They didn't have many activities for someone Seth's age. He enjoyed the GI Slide the best (Tammy said he could have gone to the local park for free to ride a slide).

He was too young for the climbing wall complete with moles and warts, and the gas pinball game, and Urine: The Game (my bladder is so active, I bet I'd have rocked a high score on that one).

How often do you get to travel down a slide representing your intestines? And land on the brown poop-shaped mat, like a little turd?

Here's the little turd now!

What's snot to love about this nose?

Frank and Seth exiting the nose (aahhh-choo!)

Oh, did you know that we each produce about a quart of mucus each day?

Here, Seth shows off his mad skillz at an larger than-life-size Operation game.

You could learn about the awesome (and awfully embarrassing) noises made by our bodies.

I think I would have had a great time, and would have filled my head with even more useless information.

I'd have had a stinkin' good time.

And if all of this has you wanting a snack, here's a recipe for Edible Dookie Cookies.

I bet Tammy would love to see these on her Christmas Eve dinner table. What can I say? I'm a pleaser.


  1. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm pretty sure my crew would have enjoyed the grossology exhibit--my two deliver presentations nightly, so I'm actually certain we would had fun!

    ~The Mrs.

  2. This seems to be tailor-made for little boys! My Little One (and his dad) would love this. I can hear the giggles now.

    And a quart of mucus!!!????? YUCK.


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