November 11, 2010

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop - 11/11/10

It's Thursday, and time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop! You'll hate yourself if you don't head over there and check out all the great responses!

The prompt I chose this week:

Something you wish you hadn't put off til the last minute.

It's confession time. I am a lifelong procrastinator. If I can put off until never what I should do today, I'm all over that.

I've posted before about The Mister's out of town job. He's gone from Monday morning thru Thursday evening.

I refer to this time as my "wifely vacation". By 'wifely vacation', I mean that it's the time that I ignore all things domestic.

The Boy and I eat Sunday's leftovers on Monday. Then it's frozen pizza, and no veggies. Wednesday, the menu declines to cold sandwiches.

Am I lazy? You bet.

Am I shiftless? Yep.

Are games on Facebook and reading blogs more enjoyable than cleaning? No doubt about it.

I now designate Thursday as cleaning day. I figure I have a 12-hour period to undo four days' worth of slovenliness.

But you know what I've found? I get engrossed in blogs on Thursday (especially Writer's Workshop) gratuitous sucking up here.

People who almost never call me inevitably call me on Thursday...and we have a lot to talk about.

I'll start cleaning and I swear I hear Facebook games calling to me.

I have had numerous phone calls from school occurring on Thursdays.

Or The Boy will need refills on his prescriptions. 

Horror of horrors! I'm completely out of Coke Zero and chocolate - I must make a run to the store.

Time just gets away from me. Next thing I know, The Boy is coming home from his day at school...and we have a lot to talk about.

I'm now down to four hours to clean and cook dinner and do laundry and remember where I left the vacuum.

It doesn't bode well.

Panic sets in.

I cook a decent (read that time-consuming) dinner for The Mister's return. He's tired, he's hungry, he's been missed.

Cleaning time slips away.

Tick tock, tick tock.

Oh, how I love a deadline!

Then my self-imposed deadline passes, and panic turns to resignation.

I swear to do better next week.

I even tried to get motivated with FlyLady. You can read about that here.

Thus far, The Mister has resorted to the occasional "dad look" of disapproval.

I hate the "dad look" makes me feel small and worthless.

This week hasn't worked out, either.

Monday, I enjoyed the silence.
Tuesday, I was gone all day taking a tax class.
Yesterday, lots of Boy-related phone calls (a horrible day at school Tuesday), and he had an appointment in the afternoon.
It's Thursday again, and I'm at square one.

And it's Veteran's Day, so The Boy is home all day.

Have I told you that he is responsible for 99% of the mess here?

No? Good, because if I had, I'd be lying.

Today's plan? I'll try once again to slow down time and whirl around like the Tasmanian Devil, putting away all the crap we've forgotten to take care of this week.

The Boy has promised to do chores without complaint.

If that happens, I'd check your thermometers if I were you - Hell is about to freeze over.


  1. HAHA Hell is about to freeze over, that's classic!
    I am so like you! the kitchen right now....a disaster, I think the President will be visiting tomorrow to declare it a natural disater, and I should be at least cleaning a little bit of it up right now....but blogging is far more important!!

  2. LOL...too funny. I can totally empathize with you on the procrastination. I actually started to write a post about it but I haven't finished yet

    Good luck on trying to get your son to do the chores today. Especially since he if off from school...

  3. I agree! Totally!

    I have the same prompt and talk about the same thing.

    I should be studying but I'm blogging. It's just so much more fun!

  4. It is weird how time flies on your "vacation".. I agree Thursday is blog reading day!

  5. Too funny! I can almost relate to everything you talk about, except having the Mister out of town for a few days. I really like that idea! Hope you and The Boy have a productive day today!

  6. My Man is gone Monday thru Friday, and my number one life goal right now is to be a better house keeper, but I hear you Lady Cleaver! I sure do hear you. Cleaning is just very rarely on the top of my list of things I *want* to do. Thanks for the fun read, and the knowledge that I am not alone!

  7. Where did your husband find that job? Mine works 5 minutes away and is home for lunch EVERY day. I do the procastination thing to. I have convinced myself that I work well under pressure!! Stopping by from Mama Kats-

  8. It must be getting close. I looked out the window and it's frosty here this morning. It MUST be freezing over! Hope you and The Boy survive the extra day together! :-) I so understand putting it off though. I am the same.

  9. That is hilarious!!! I used to do exactly the same when my husband traveled a lot. Then he stopped and I have had to train myself to get all domestic! Oh, how he loves a tidy and orderly house!!! And oh, how I love him, so against my natural instictve laziness, I clean. Back to it then...

  10. OMG, are we long lost twins? Except for the Mister being away.
    I get to experience the Daddy-looks-of-disapproval every day! Followed by the unconvincing; "No, it's okay." that strikes the same place as a parent's "I'm not mad, just disappointed."
    Doesn't stop me from being lazy though.

  11. Ha! Funny stuff. Found you through a comment through 504 Main.

    I'm kind of tidy. I like things in their place...which isn't working so well with baby and a 5 year old. ;)

    Good thing I work from home and hubs is the stay at home dad or it would be so much worse.

  12. I do the same thing when Levi is out of town. Dont care so much the rest of the week but the day he is coming home I am scrambling to pretend like everything was clean all along

  13. Too funny!! Man, I wish my hubby was away sometimes... he's home ALL the time.

  14. Everyone talks about this Fly Lady .... but I'm scared of her. I'm afraid she'll make me actually get off my lazy butt and clean things. And who wants that? I like the way you live!!!

  15. Too funny! I am just the opposite..when hubby is away I clean like a maniac...but he is not away all that often. It would probably be a different story if it was a regular occurrence.


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