November 09, 2010

PINT 11/9/10: Dirt is a Four-Letter Word...Why Am I Always the Last to Know Stuff?

It's Post-it Note Tuesday! Alert the media, and wake the neighbors - tell them to post something, too! That One Mom is the hostess with the mostest...check her out.

 Watch it, FlyLady! I'm armed and dangerous!

Ok, now to really talk about it (too much for a post-it note). I think what bugs me most about FlyLady's emails are the testimonials. Not only do many of them include plugs for FlyLady products (pretty pricey, IMO), but there's an almost religous fervor involved in the praise.

And "you saved my life!" For realz? Were you being crushed under a stack of ten years' worth of newspaper? Did FlyLady call 911?

Are we a nation of hoarders? The way the testimonials read, all of the homes are inhabitable. Months of laundry piled up, clutter everywhere (I have actually known two hoarders in my life, both from the same family...are there a lot more than I think?)

I think I could just maybe think about the system seriously for a nanosecond if one single email said "Gee, thanks. Housework doesn't suck as much as it used to. Thanks for kicking my ass for me, FlyLady!"

One thing I'll say for the FlyLady, she sure knows how to promote her site and her many products. And after watching her welcome video, I'd swear on a stack of Purple Rags that she was the woman who sold the ex and I a set of Encyclopedia Britannica in the late 70s...she was that good.

Damn, I just realized that this entire post is a commercial for FlyLady.

Proof that mass email marketing does work.


  1. Too funny! And no, there is not help. Hoarding is like alcoholism-- one will fight it for an entire lifetime. My mom, doesn't even bother. Because of her and our childhood buried (yes under ten year's worth of newspaper), my sister and I are both fanatically trying NOT to be her. We're NOT succeeding either. Although my sink is shiny, I have stuff stashed everywhere. I have cupboards dedicated to stuff I don't need but couldn't get a decent price for and "am NOT giving it away, it cost me a fortune!"
    I guess I can go on the failure list too.

    P/S You're right, she does nag and I unsubscribed. I can't clear out my email box like it is!

  2. I made it less than a week through her nags... I don't need a shiny sink or shoes on in my house... nor do I need email clutter... i'd rather be playing with my kids... glad you were able to pull free of the fly lady vortex!

  3. I've never heard of this FlyLady you speak of but I don't think I like her!
    That "Hoarders" t.v. show freaks me out but I can't quit watching it!

  4. I like fly lady a lot! I just remember to stay in my lane. I am busy and shining the sink may or may not happen and the world will NOT end if it does not!

  5. Visiting you the domestic slacker here :)
    Thanks for your visit
    Hop here from PINT
    Happy Tuesday

  6. LMAO! Yes, the FlyLady does have tooomany emails associated with it, but there are some pieces on sanity to be found on her site. The Crisis Cleaning 101 is probably the one I use most. Mostly because my home is a crisis.....

  7. I totally agree. I ended up stopping the emails because I can't keep up with her, or my house. I am totally on your side!

    Thanks for stopping by today.

  8. I don't know who this FlyLady is and I definitely won't be signing up now! You can't bully me into cleaning!

  9. Oh my gosh this post is to funny.

  10. I have no idea who FlyLady is. I am not going to find out. I'm quite happy whallowing in my filth.
    But good for you for going against the grain! I loved your fervor!

  11. This is officially the funniest post I've read all morning (and I've been reading on and off all morning)!
    I love this so much. I'd link it to my site, but I don't want to promote flylady either!! Too much is just too much!!!

  12. OK ... now I'm sure I'm not going to have the Fly Lady hassle me!


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