November 06, 2010

Saturday Centus - 11/06/10 - Two Entries for the Price of One

It's Saturday Centus time! Thanks, Jenny Matlock! Now everyone polish up your brain cells and create something wonderful in 100 words or less using THIS prompt: It was the 11th anniversary of..."

I've decided to submit two entries in one today, due to my overall status as a scofflaw. The first, something fast and silly. The second submission is just within the 100 word limit.

Memory Is a Deceptive Thing

It was the 11th anniversary of my promise not to mark annual celebra
Damn, I screwed up again! 

Hands-On Work

It was the 11th anniversary of the day I lost my wedding ring. Life on the farm was tough; money was tight. Losing that ring was just adding insult to injury.

Millie, my wife of twenty years, said that she didn't care about the ring.

It all happened so fast. One second I had my hand in the combine augur to fix it, and whoosh, the ring was gone.

I shiver a little just thinking about it. Millie notices, and comes to me. Saying nothing, she smiles sweetly, kisses me, and buttons up my favorite sweater against the chill.

They never did find my hand.


  1. Ohhh my goodnes, that is sad. (My dad lost half his hand in an accident, and that loss included his ring and that finger that held it. Great job!

  2. Oh goodness, I guess the person not only lost the ring, ha. Loved both of the Centus's.

  3. It didn't mar my reading experience at all, but knowing the source (June), I sensed this one coming. Not the hand, though; I thought it would just be the finger!

    Great one, June!! Your brain is quite enchanting.


    PS. And the pre-joke made me giggle.

  4. Oh, my! As I was reading, I was thinking that your character was so lucky to only lose a ring and not a hand...and then WHAP! You got me!


  5. lol You can always replace a ring but a hand is not so easy .

  6. You always come up with a crazy surprise twist!!! Really excellent. I actually said, "EWWWWWWW!!" outloud!

  7. Mercy, this one hit me! I was so focused on the ring, I thought the hand was safe! My dad never would wear a wedding ring for fear of losing his finger in an accident. He did lots job with machinery...many other men lost fingers or hands too in our farming community.

  8. I love your macabre, June! I'll write the sweet stuff, you write the gory stuff and together, we can create "June and Mrs. Hyde!"

    Loved your story!

  9. I just knew that it would have a gruesome ending!! You are so clever at these!

  10. Very clever. My grandfather lost his arm in a steel mill accident (back when the US still had a steel industry). His biggest regret was that it didn't take the arm with the tattoo he got one drunken evening LOL. Loved this, we can always count on you to come up with something macabre and original :) Kat

  11. That was a close one. Mine is where I hope to be in 11 years My divorce is imminent so I need to prepare to not look back

  12. Well done my friend! Well done. The first one just cracked me up. I might have to give this one a go this week.

  13. June, that was just so sick and twisted and gruesome! And funny and surprising and clever and, oh yes, I loved every bit of it! Great job!

  14. I just love the first one! I was wondering how that ring could have come off and not pulled the whole hand, arm, farmer in with it. Very realistic.

  15. the story rings true to me. i am always losing my rings! the first one was cleverly funny!

  16. Loved the first one, really made me laugh!!!
    The 2nd reminded me of my ex who lost his finger in a very similar manner. So the 2nd one made me laugh even harder than the first. Wait! Is that really wrong of me? Don't answer... I already know.

  17. I am with "My name is PJ". Did you hear us both saying Ewwwwwwww!
    As my mother would say, "Never cry over spilt milk" I just hope I never lose a hand, or a foot or an eye or one of anything I have two of! I may not live up to her motto!~Ames

  18. Holy moly girl!

    This was incredible. I loved this.

    The Saturday this Centus went live was my husbands and my 11th wedding anniversary.

    This cool post was like a wonderful gift!

    Thanks for the great read.

    You are amazing.


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