November 15, 2010

Saturday Centus, Two Days Late - Shame on Me

No, it's NOT Saturday, but this is my attempt at Jenny Matlock's Saturday Centus prompt. You know the drill. Use the prompt (appearing in bold, below), and craft a story in 100 words or less (not counting the aforementioned prompt). No illustrations. No language stronger than PG-13 - there are kids in the house.

They say 'better late than never'...this post may just blow that adage all to hell.


The early November sunshine cast golden rays upon the frost-laden lawn. But the welcoming rays of the sun didn't help shake June's sense of failure.

She had spent the better part of an  hour that morning, trying to think in complete sentences.

She was bereft; there were no words with which to alleviate the devastation she felt.

She threw her hands up in disgust, and got up from the computer. Suddenly feeling devoid of energy, she crawled back under the covers.

Her failure? Try as she might, she just couldn't come up with a macabre twist on today's Saturday Centus prompt.


  1. It might not be macabre, but it is a wonderful twist! I really enjoyed this.

  2. Fun! Didn't expect it to end like that. :)

  3. Bwahahah. This was a great twist on the prompt! I couldn't come up with anything spooky, scary or bump in the nighty either. I loved this. Kat

  4. Ha, ha, ha. Even though you didn't come up with the macabre twist you wanted, I liked the one you came up with. Very clever.

  5. Ditto. This post is a perfect Saturday Centus. I've crawled back in bed a few times myself when I couldn't come up with a twist. This time I gave up and wrote a short poem!

    Thanks for a good one..........cj

  6. For shame! For shame!!!

    And what is shameful is that I haven't done this for weeks now.

  7. Hahahah, loved it! Many Saturdays I too climb back into bed with thoughts of where I should go with the "crumbs" Jenny gives us.

  8. LOL! I soooo feel your pain, June! I'm there practically every week! Loved your story this week!

  9. Been there. Done that. Reminds me of one of my two texts. You do what you can.
    But you did it. Very good Centus.
    Best wishes,
    Anna's SC wk 28

  10. A twist within a non-twist.

    You are too much!


  11. A twisted non-twist of a twist...


    JFC! You are amazing. AND you aren't late! AND you know you have the whole week to do this, right?

    AND even if you're not writing a macabre prompt you can write crazy good!

    Loved this!

    I'm really glad you link to this meme.

    You are always amaze me.


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