November 17, 2010

Tag, I'm It! Four Questions - Asked and Answered

Lucky me! Blogger extraordinaire, Jenners, of Life...With Books, has tagged me to participate in  Four Questions Asked, Four Questions answered.

My only hesitancy is that my answers may ruin my reputation as blog cynic and raconteur. I fear I'll just come across as, well, sappy. And long-winded. Oh well, more illusions shattered.

Her questions?

What would I do on a perfect day? (No monetary restrictions … just imagine away.)
 Ahh, my perfect day. When I started thinking about this question, I didn't even think about me. I thought about all of YOU (cuz I'm nosy like that) - I imagined YOU describing a day of pampering and pleasure. A day where the kids are cared for, the house is cleaned, and you are whisked off to a spa or a whirlwind trip to exotic locations, and endless shopping.

Wait, this is about MY perfect day. You'd think that after 34 years on constant mom duty, I'd want a day off.

Maybe it's a testament to my increasing insanity, but I have a different fantasy day in mind.

Sure, my day would include travel, but nothing too exotic. Since there are no monetary restrictions, I wouldn't expect to just sit at home and have my every whim immediately satisfied (though that does sound awfully nice...and impossible).

Nope, not me. I must be a glutton for punishment, because my day would involve my entire extended family. And friends. And even blogger friends I have yet to meet.

I'd want to have a June Freaking Cleaver 'We're All on this Stinkin' Journey Together' Picnic and Fun Day!

Airline reservations will be made for many, rooms will also be reserved.

The venue? A family-friendly hotel, not affiliated with an amusement park. I don't want to see my guests running to ride the rides, I want to SEE my guests!

A pool is a must. But lots of available shade for the redheads and others worried about too much sun.

A playground for the kids.

Can you say 'Supersoakers'? I love those things!

I'd love to spend a day with my extended family. I miss my girls, and my grandkids. I haven't seen my brothers and their wives and kids in ages.

Cousins? Come on down! Let's talk!

Hungry? Put your feed on at our lovely buffet. And chefs are standing by to prepare anything else you'd like to eat.

Before you think I've totally gone off the deep end, remember - this is MY imaginary day. Anything I think should happen, will.

Everyone will get along. And be socially appropriate (yes, that means you, Boy). It will be a veritable love fest (but not in any creepy, illegal kind of way).

And my family of origin will get to meet my "new" family. Stepdaughters, husbands, more'll agree, they're all great!

We'll talk, we'll play games, we'll hug ourselves silly.

We'll celebrate everyone's birthday at this one event. The cake will be magnificent, and I will make sure that you all get that one gift you really want.

I can be very generous when money is no object...I think. It's not like I've ever been in that position before.

The Mister and I will be in the Grandparent there will be enough beds for all the grandkids to sleep over.

Bring your cameras, take lots of pictures.

And me? I'll be the one sitting in the shade, smiling. Pull up a chair, we'll talk.

Have I ever stayed up for 24+ straight hours? Why?
  • Yep. I've suffered from occasional insomnia for decades. There have been nights I haven't been able to fall asleep. And at sleepovers when I was a kid? Forget it - I stayed up.
  • I was in labor for 24 hours when I had my oldest child, Shannon. I didn't even nap. Of course I did the whole natural childbirth thing back then (naive child that I was), so sleep wasn't even something I considered. I wanted to experience the whole thing (stupid, naive child).
  • I have The Boy, who has suffered from mania in the past. He could go almost 48 hours without sleep. Scary stuff, that.
Have I ever laughed so hard my stomach muscles and face hurt? What made me laugh that hard?
I'm sure I've laughed that hard on a few occasions, but nothing jumps out at me in my recollections. I assume I'd be laughing WITH someone (and most definately AT someone), so I just need either my co-conspirator or my victim to jog my memory.

My kids have made me laugh that hard. Erin did it here.
And The Boy said something on the phone once that caused me to bust a gut (once I hung up). But I promised NEVER.TO.TALK.ABOUT.IT.

I know I've made The Mister snort in laughter when I make fun of his snoring. If you ever meet him, ask him about his "purse and puff" technique, it's pretty awesome.

What is the earliest time in your life I can remember?
I can remember things from when I was three or four years of age.
I remember my oldest brother Stan spending all of his Air Force paycheck on my brother Greg and I. He got us a big spring horse, and red cowboy hats and gunbelts and holsters. He went in the Air Force when I was three.
I distinctly remember insisting that my brother Terry put his Mickey Mantle baseball card on the mantel - it was important to me. I think I was four. I also remember playing hide and seek with my brothers when I was that age.

And I remember my singular incident of animal cruelty when I threw rocks at birds (but didn't hit any), and my brother Terry (he was ten years older, and mean to me) told me that the birds were all saying "We're going to get you, June (not my real name)...we're going to get you, June". I was convinced that that is what the birds were saying, it was scary.

And I remember my brother Gary using a dust mop to frighten a bat that had flown in from the chimney. My younger brother and I had to run to our bedrooms while my dad and older brothers tried to get the bat out of the house. I remember opening up my door a crack (nosy even then), and seeing Gary swing the dust mop in the air.

And I remember this record (it was Terry's when he was younger, and I think it was a 78 rpm):

Now, MY questions for YOU!
  1. What was your favorite toy from childhood?
  2. If you could wake up and find yourself living the life of someone famous, who would it be, and why?
  3. What's one important choice that you made that you wish you could change?
  4. Assuming you have mad skillz in DIY/decorating/crafts, what project would you do first?

The following text copied from Jenners:

Although anyone is welcome to answer these questions (and let me know if you do), I’m going to tag the following bloggers (none of whom are obligated to do this):

Amanda, from family of Shorts
Nancy, from [A] Musing Mother
Jeri, of In the Gutter

Tag, you're it!


    1. Hey June! Thanks for keeping the fun going. I sent this meme to Jen right at the exact moment that she said she didn't want to do them. I am so glad she did! Because I got to 'meet' you! And I would love an invite to your picnic. Sounds like tons of fun!

      Love your questions too! Great way to find new blogs to follow.

      Enjoy the day!

    2. "It will be a veritable love fest (but not in any creepy, illegal kind of way)."

      hahahahhaha that made ME laugh until my stomach & face hurt! Sounds like a great day though. And I loved the video :)

    3. Oh I loved your perfect day. It was a neat way to think. And your memories of childhood are so particular and intersting. I'm amazed you don't run from birds when you seem them to this day.

      here's to getting a perfect day some day!

    4. Hey June! I'm really behind in my blog reading, so I'm just finding out about being tagged for this. Thanks so much, dahhhhling! It may be a while before I get to it, though. "Please don't think I'm being rude"...As a salesman used to say, years ago, in an office I worked at..."it's just my nature!"


    Thanks for stopping by. I love your comments...I get all warm inside just reading them!