November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Week Randomness, and My Brief Reign as a World Leader

It's a short work and school week at the Cleaver compound. Visions of turkey, stuffing and cranberries are dancing in our heads.

I just thought I'd spill a lot of random stuff here, to make more room for the mental mashed potatoes and gravy.

Speaking of short, I am ONE follower short of 200! I am surprised, amazed and befuddled that I've amassed 199 followers. It's humbling and I feel honored that you stop by here to read the goings on at the Cleaver compound.

Thanks! Come again! Wondering if my shameful plug will put me over the 200 mark!

The Mister and I toured a private school on Friday. Small classes, major focus is on improving behavior and teaching the kids how to get along with people.

The Boy has attended two different schools like this before - I expected to have that same sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach when I visited this one.

But it was a pleasant surprise. The students were quiet and orderly. The classroooms were neat and filled with age-appropriate materials. There are only 20 boys in the entire building.

The Boy will be attending for a half-day after we return from AZ. They want to see if he'll fit in with the group.

It will be decided at next week's IEP meeting if this school is an appropriate placement. The school district will be responsible for the hefty tuition as well as transportation to and from the school. It will mean about a 45 minute bus ride each way (if traffic cooperates).

I've not been posting about The Boy's recent difficulties at school. He was suspended for a few days. Upon his return to class, he has done very well - mainly because he refuses to speak.

The teacher said "he had a great week, and was pretty quiet". Apparently, there isn't a lot of interaction going on in class, the teacher didn't even realize that The Boy is practicing selective mutism from 7:30 am to 2:45 pm Monday thru Friday.

The Boy is ready to try the new school, he is miserable in his current school setting. And I get the distinct feeling that the administration at the district would like to bid him a hasty adieu also.

This is not the high school experience I had hoped The Boy would have. Parting, for me, will be sweet sorrow.

I hope they enjoy paying the tuition. I would have rather that they followed the IEP and gotten their act together. A girl can dream.

I attended my own inauguration this weekend. I became the first High and Supreme Ruler of Bitchlandia. My loyal subjects did not assassinate me during my weekend reign, though I'm sure they felt like it.

I found absolutely nothing to my liking. Life sucked. I said bad words. I yelled. I complained incessantly. There was just no satisfying me.

I'm going to attribute my lousy attitude to the full moon. Maybe I'll look at the last post where I had a bitchfest and see if it was also during the same lunar phase.

Here is the official crest of Bitchlandia:

Don't even think about tellin' me you don't like it.

I've abdicated the throne...for now. I have yet to apologize to my subjects for my bad behavior. Major sucking up on my part may be required.

We saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1. It had been quite a while since I had read the book; I felt kind of lost keeping the story and characters straight in my head. The Mister and The Boy seemed to enjoy it more (and I'm sure they enjoyed 2.5 hours where I didn't bitch...except about the guys in front of us who reeked of alcohol).
Stepdaughter Janella and husband Matt are hosting Thanksgiving at their house. It will be weird not cooking a big meal for everyone. We guests are each bringing a dish to share. The guest list numbers twenty or so. I'm a bit concerned about The Boy in a large group (some of the guests are friends of Matt, and strangers to The Boy).

I may drive there by myself in case he needs to get a break from all the festivities.

The Mister will be driving the van and picking up Grandpa Gus, Des, Nate and Eli. I wrote about Grandpa Gus here.

I've put a lot of thought into what I'm wearing at dinner. I'm thinking Grandpa Gus might need a reminder.

Do you think this is festive enough?

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  1. WHAHAHA @ the name tag.. Hun I really think you and I need to talk about my son and what I have went through. Where I am now and what is working for him.. Praying for him to have a calm Thanksgiving and it sucks that he can't have a decent teacher for school. I allowed my son to drop out when I got sick of the crap this system pulled. He went to adult classes 3 times and got his GED first try.

  2. So sorry about The Boy and the school issues. We have had issues with our version of The Boy and school in the past, but since we moved to our current town, the high school is on the ball with his IEP and testing. I am happy with the outcome. He will not graduate this year (as planned) because he has a credit and a half he still needs. 1/2 of the credits are ART! And you cannot get art in summer school. That's alright. He's happy, and he will graduate. Good luck with your situation. Hope the new school works out much better!

  3. I think it is great how you know to plan for the Boy's needs, even during these hectic holiday times. It is a shame the school couldn't be more helpful for him, good luck on the new school.

  4. I LOVE the crest for bitchlandia!!!

    I think it should be made into a belt buckle and mass-marketed!

    I know I'd buy one.

    I've been living there for weeks!

  5. Well, I hope this new school works out. It sounds like the current school is horrific ... and it sounded like he got off to such a good start for a little bit.

    I have had my moments as the Supreme Leader of Bitchlandia too ... everyone fears it and is glad when it comes to an end. (I don't even enjoy it yet it is something I must do.)

    I'm sure Gus will provide some fun stories. Happy Turkey Day!

  6. Good luck with the new school, I'm sorry it has come to that. I have had LeBella out of school for about 2 months now doing hospital/homebound education. Her meds are all whacked out and she has been miserable. She sees a new pdoc Jan 7th and I'm hoping she can help us get back to the stable that I got a glimpse at. I agree about taking your car to the dinner. You definitely need to be able to slip away, if needed! ((hugs))

  7. As always, I love all that you share with us....the good, the bad, and the hilarious! LOVE the name tag!! :D


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