November 26, 2010

This Mom's Hope Springs Eternal (and it May Just Take That Long)

The Boy is 15; he will be 16 in July. He looks like he's 15, but his actions often don't match up with his adolescent appearance. 

I did not follow my own advice about the Thanksgiving get-together. We took only one vehicle, and The Boy had a major meltdown.

My stepdaughters are not used to his behavior (his insults and screaming at me, as well as my continuing calm demeanor while he was being disrespectful), and I hated seeing how all of them were affected by it. 

It was ugly, and we bid a hasty retreat. I feel bad about it, I should have been prepared.

I'm embarrassed. I hate seeing the horrified and/or frightened look on people's faces.

I'm sorry. I die a little inside every time something like this happens.

Maybe someday I'll learn to trust my instincts. 

Maybe someday, I won't let my hope for him to behave normally, and my accompanying undying and unconditional love for The Boy, to forget how quickly he can lose control.

He and I will take a break from attending family functions until we come up with a strategy to help him get along better with everyone.

I have posted before that it's like living with a 15-year old toddler at times. His lack of social skills and self-control, his naivete - they all make him appear a lot younger than he is.

But this mom still has hopes for him. I still hope that, with time and lots of hard work on his part (and lots of coaching and reinforcement by people who care for him), he'll mature emotionally, and maybe, one day, truly act his age.

This mom is patient.

This mom wants to be there when this moment happens:

And if/when I hear him shout that last line? This mom will cry like a baby.

On a happier note...Seth wore a new shirt after dinner. It looked a little like this:


The baby is tentatively due on June 19!


We are all thrilled!

I think it's a girl...we'll know for sure in about a month. But boy or girl, we will welcome this new addition with open arms.


  1. Oh, my love. I know this cycle well.
    Rinse and repeat.
    ((hugs)) to you

  2. I dread the teen years for this very reason. It is hard enough having a five year old that behaves like a two year old. People already stare and judge both he and I. What will they do when he is fifteen???

  3. Hang in there, friend. And remember...Thanksgiving leftovers are often MUCH better than the actual event. EsPEcially sans too many distractions!

  4. So sorry to hear this. I can understand why you may not have wanted to make that drive, since it was so far....You're such a wonderful mom for not giving up on The Boy.

  5. Awww...I'm sorry you had to go through this. And I pray that your patience is rewarded someday.

    Yay for the new addition!


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