November 18, 2010

Writer's Workshop - 11/18/10 -

It's time for Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. Check out all the great responses to this week's prompts. I chose two prompts today (appearing below, in bold).

 Why am I burned out?
  • The Boy is still having major problems at school. He had asked me not to write about them, but recanted his request the other day. I suppose I'll unload it all in a post pretty soon.
  • The Boy's autism symptoms mean that he requires almost constant supervision. It's hard parenting a 15 year-old toddler. I'm tired of arguing with him about school, about his attitude, about chores, about how much food he eats. I'd like a day off...or two. Better yet, why can't he just do what I ask - it's not like I require him to do dangerous and painful things.
  • Where the heck is my full-time job? It's been over THREE years! Come on, economy, I'm tired of job searching and submitting and occasional resume, and hearing nothing.
  • Luckily, The Mister has a job for a little while. I'm so tired of being afraid to spend money. I rarely leave the house anymore, I don't want to waste gas. I don't buy groceries or shop (The Mister does the shopping), because I hate feeling that I shouldn't buy something I want.
  • I freaking HATE housework. But I also hate the mess and clutter that I've let accumulate.
  • I miss my family. I miss the grandkids in FL - I miss not having a close relationship with them. I fear we will be polite strangers as they grow up.
  • I don't really like where we live. In general, I feel stuck. It sucks.

Write a poem about a time someone made you smile.

My sweet baby, in my arms
Shannon, oh, I had so much to learn about you!
We began my journey of motherhood that day
I smiled a proud smile

Erin took off down the street, hair blowing in the breeze
Training wheels left at the curb
That sense of freedom, her world expanding
I smiled a knowing smile 

The Boy, one of a kind
Never afraid to push past the limits
Sometimes, his challenges forgotten in a moment of success
I smiled a bittersweet smile

Years go by, life goes on
I look at them now, two complete, one still growing
So much has happened, so many memories, with more to come
I smile a mother's smile


  1. What a beautiful poem.
    Wishing you a happy day. :)

    Life can be so tough sometimes, can't it? Hang in there.

  2. Sweetie I seriously believe that your son could be helped by the product I distribute AND AND you could earn some money doing it. Think of it this way ANY positive change is good right? And I have tons of people who have had amazing results with their autistic children.. shoot me an email. We seriously need to talk

  3. What a beautiful poem. It really touched me.

  4. I love this post - the "Why am I burned out?" has so many truths in it and the poem is so beautifully written.

    Thanks for sharing these :-)

  5. I love the poem! It's hard when your kids grow up... my oldest is 15 but I feel like I missed a few years in there! It all passed by so quickly.

  6. I enjoyed both your "burned out" and poem. My girls are growing up so seems like you blink and chunks of time have gone by; if only they didn't grow up so fast!

  7. I hate housework too! So then I watch that show Hoarders. And I always feel like cleaning something then!

  8. I hope things get better at school soon!

  9. You have a lot of reasons to feel burned out. And what amazes me is that you write about your burnout and then turn around and write that sweet poem.

  10. Your sense of humor, and love for your family is the fuel that keeps you going. You're an inspiration and probably don't see yourself that way, do you? Hugs to ya!


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