December 30, 2010

100 Word Challenge - Spirited Away

I was rambling in blogland the other day, and came across Velvet Verbosity. There you will find the 100 Word Challenge. 

You know the drill. Write 100 words of your choosing, and include the prompt. She generally posts the prompts on Monday, and you have until the following Saturday to submit your wildly entertaining and intellectually superior offerings. It's a great way to exercise your writing muscle and get some inspiration from reading what others have contributed.

Play along! You'll be glad you did!

Here's my first attempt. The prompt appears below, in bold.

It was the crime of the century in the sleepy town of Freeville. Folks say that after the accused, Philip MacDougall, took the bailiff’s gun and used it to kill the prosecuting attorney and Judge Theodore Angell, the atmosphere in Courtroom Three was colder.

Janet always sensed an eerie presence as she walked beside the judge’s bench each afternoon. She’d started wearing silk scarves to stave off the inevitable chill that crept down her neck.

Betty, court stenographer for more than thirty years, laughed at Janet’s discomfort. “Oh, Janet relax! You're just feelin' the spirit of the Law, honey!"



  1. welcome to 100 words! I fell over it a few months ago while battling writer's block and it spurred creativity and I have made several friends; all excellent writers.

    Good first entry

    Lance aka @TLanceB on twitter

  2. Welcome and thanks for this entry. I smiled widely - have just spent a very long day in court myself - last day of 3 months of jury service. Thank heavens. Wonder which judge walked across my shadow? :)

  3. Welcome to the Challenge. Excellent start with this piece.

  4. Welcome to 100 Words! I love me some newbies. ;)

    Interesting piece. You have quite an imagination! There's something very Chris Bojhalian about this too, but I don't know what.

  5. This was my first one as well! Nicely done, I really enjoyed it.

  6. Welcome to the challenge! Nice piece!
    @barbara three MONTHS?? I dread having to do one DAY!

  7. Hi June. You're writing is always awesome! I didn't see any bold letters, though...Is it just my eyes, or computer screen? Happy 2011 to you!

  8. You are perfect for these types of things ... though just one word!!! I bet the diversity of submissions is amazing.


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