December 20, 2010

Bah! Humbug (and stuff)

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'Twas just five days before Christmas, and all 'round our pad
The clutter was winning, the place sure looked bad

You'd think that by now, I'd have stuff in its place
But I'd rather play Bejeweled Blitz in that Book they call Face

The tree and decorations were still boxed in the shed
"We're going minimal this Christmas" - yes, that's what I said

So I asked both The Mister and The Boy what they thought
They echoed lack of interest, it would all be for naught

Holiday spirit is elusive, it's hiding from me
Don't be upset that we don't have no stinkin' tree!

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That's right, we're not decorating this year. 

We just don't feel like it.

It's not like family is coming to visit. It'll just be the three of us. And The Mister does not "do" the tree, so the task would be left to The Boy and me...and we don't care.

I have a few gifts to wrap. I'm not sure I will wrap The Boy's gifts, since he was a big sneak and found everything anyway.

I've been using his knowledge of his Christmas haul against him. He's been eating everything in sight - but I've told him if he eats one more thing he shouldn't (like half a cake, or an entire pound of lunch meat at one time), then I will return one of his gifts to Amazon.

I'm mean like that.

I'm not even enjoying the decorations that the neighbors have in their yards. For some reason, the colors look garish to me this year. Of course, they are all trying to out Griswold each other, so that might be part of my disgust.

In contrast, last year, I made it a point to find the most outrageous bit of decorating in my neighborhood. There were many contenders, but I was able to find a winner. It was like a museum to the history of cheap outdoor decorations from the past five decades.

They so found their niche, living in a trailer park. It just fits, ya know?

Our family celebration occurs on Christmas Eve...after that, it's just another day.

Maybe by next Christmas, I will have found my spirit...and a clear patch of wall and floor space in which to position the tree.

Here's proof that I had a bit of spirit last year:


  1. There does seem to be a difference in the air this year,,,but i do hope your family has a good time of it all.

  2. I did all my decorating but I have to say that Im already tired of it!

  3. I do think that having a small child around helps us locate the holiday spirit.

  4. I decorated. And Im already dreading the clean up.


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