December 28, 2010

A Blogger in Need...You Can Help!

This evening, I received the following email:

Some of you already know the information in this email and some of you don't, but at this point I can not remember clearly who I have told and who I haven't told. I apologize if I'm sending you this and I've already talked to you.

On Monday my sweet husband Tim had a massive heart attack. He rallied back from it and seemed to be doing much better. On Wednesday he had a major stroke. He actually started acting like he was improving from that but by the day after Christmas the doctors knew that he would not recover. We moved him to a family room downstairs and were making plans on bringing him home. All of his life support was removed and his defibrillator was turned off. He requested that. He said it was all hurting him and the defibrillator had gone off about 5 times in two days. He was laying in my arms Monday morning (the 27th) while we all talked with the hospice representative. He opened his eyes, told me he loved me and then closed his eyes again. Suddenly his eyes popped open and he stared directly at me and took his last breath. I am so lost without him.

I am finding myself sitting here crying my eyes out and unable to continue writing this much longer but I wanted to send my heartfelt thanks to everyone who prayed for his recovery. God decided that he would be better off with Him. I am grateful that my love is no longer in pain.

I wrote this for him if you're interested...

I love you guys so much and many of you have kept me from completely giving up on my own life during this devastating week. Thank you for everything.


I don't know Kathy personally. She has been a regular (and always kind) commenter.

Her husband Tim had no life insurance. Financially, things were already tight - and Kathy has no job. 

Kathy put a Donate button on her blog. Perhaps you could take a minute to leave a comment on her post, or to give some financial support.

We bloggers tend to be a kindhearted, generous bunch. Let's pull together and make a difference, shall we?


  1. This is such a sad story. I will keep her in my prayers. I am heading over to her blog now. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Wow my heart goes out to her..and looking at what I am dealing with now compares in comparison

  3. Kathy is a sweetheart ... I didn't see her e-mail right away because of my own issues during the hoidays but I'm definitely going to give her a little something to help her out.


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