December 12, 2010

I Finally Have The Mister Seeing Things MY Way

The Mister went shopping yesterday (he IS the supreme shopper at the Cleaver compound). He came in all excited, and said that he had something for me. 

And I had to open it right away.

Doesn't that lamp just scream trailer trash June Freaking Cleaver?

Finally, proof positive that I have gotten through that thick head of his. We've had this ongoing debate - even though he says he'll treat me like a queen, I prefer to be the princess. You can read about that here.

All I need now is the tiara, and I'm set. May my reign be a long and happy one.

Oh, and when I wake up in the morning? 

I totally look like the dog, jowls and all.

You've been warned. 


  1. That is all kinds of awesome. What a great Mr. Cleaver you have

  2. This is like the female version of the leg lamp from A Christmas Story!


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