December 23, 2010

Please 'Splain It To Me!

I figure now is as good a time as any to download all of life's petty annoyances. Then my head will be all shiny and new, and I'll be able to fully enjoy time spent with loved ones during the Christmas holiday season.  Here goes:

Can You Tell Me Why...
  • Previous shoppers leave their trash in the grocery cart? Like used Kleenex? Yuck!
  • The cart return corral is full? Just where am I supposed to put this cart? Where are the cart return cowboys and cowgirls?
  • You go to a store specifically for a sale item (and the ad does not indicate 'quantities are limited')...but they don't get any extra product for the sale?
  • You have to look in three different areas of the store for an item? For example, Coke Zero (my crack cocaine) is in the soda aisle, on the end cap of another aisle, and in a big display at the back of the store. When it's at a special price, all three locations have been plundered, and no Coke Zero can be found. On a Monday morning.
  • You get one of those computer-dialed phone calls, and you have to say 'Hello' several times, before an actual human comes on? And then they have the nerve to ask how I am - like they care. All they want to do is take my time (and more likely, my money).
  • Inconsiderate neighbors let their yippy, yapping dogs stay outside ALL DAY? These dogs are so high strung that they bark when the wind blows a blade of grass. And it's cold out there, the dogs should be inside, annoying their owners.
  • A family member (who shall remain nameless) turns off the DVD you were watching because THEY don't want to watch it anymore? Or does that just happen here, where the ravenous adolescent reigns with an iron remote control? (Oh, was that too much identifying information? Sorry, Boy.)
  • UPS or FedEx drivers do a 'ding dong ditch' when you get a package? It's one knock, and they're gone. By the time I open the front door, they've already backed out onto the street. What happened to the whole signature thing?
  • You write a post and get primarily positive feedback...except for one person who just doesn't "get" it? I got a negative comment from my macabre submission for Saturday Centus from two weeks ago. I actually made someone feel ill (but she tempered her criticism within a compliment about my writing, maybe so I wouldn't feel so bad about it). Can you say fiction? Ironic twist? You can read my stuff here.
  • The blog post that you think is brilliant (the one that has you laughing hysterically WHILE you are typing it? That's the one that gets zero comments. Or is that just me? (Don't worry, this was NOT one of those brilliant posts, so comment away).
 What's irritating YOU?


  1. Ohhh I hate it when I make a post all brilliant and witty and stuff and I get like 2 comments. I almost want to post it again and again until I get the comments I think it deserves!

    My biggest pet peeve...I hate stupid people. People who are stupid because they just have no clue, especially when driving!

  2. Hi June! All fantastic observations, as usual! Here's what irritated me last night: The Ronald and I were in Toys R Us store. It wasn't terribly crowded since it was a Tuesday around dinner time. There were....I swear....about 3 employees working the floor to help customers find things!!!!!!!! It's a huge store! When I finally found ONE, she was so eager to get back into the store room, she could only answer 2 questions, and ducked back where she came from!!! (this was BEFORE I had a chance to ask MY question!) Accckkkk!!! Can you say "Customer Service"??!! NOT!

  3. OMG!! I wish I would have read your Saturday Centus two weeks ago - it is fricken' awesome!! Brilliant. As for the Boy turning off your DVD, we get that here too. My hubby will get off the couch and turn off the TV on the way to HELLO!?!?! I was WATCHING that very intriguing episode of The Nanny. Sheeesh.....Anyway, Merry Christmas!

  4. One of my biggest peeves is the stores don't have benches or something for us old women to sit. I pushed some sweaters back on a display yesterday at Kohl's and sat down. I asked the man who was manning the line if he was going to kick me out. He said no because it wouldn't be good for business! The DIL was shopping, and I didn't find anything I wanted.

    You always get more comments than me. I guess if I did my blog for comments, I wouldn't be doing it.

  5. OMG. First of all, coke zero r.u.l.e.s.

    I totally get the no comments vs comments. but at least you know you inspire me, right?

  6. I've never seen anything like our UPS/mail/FedEx men/women. They don't even do the dash and go... mine pull up on the street outside my house(not IN the driveway) HONK THEIR HORN, and sit and wait. If I don't come out in a reasonable amount of time, they throw it under my carport and go... they don't knock on my door. It's nuts.

  7. Don't even get me started on shopping cart etiquette. That put a bee in my bonnet every time!


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