January 05, 2011

Another Taxing Time is About to Begin

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I start working as a tax preparer again on Monday. 

Can you feel the sense of excitement and anticipation I feel?

No? Well, neither can I.

It hasn't even started yet, and it already looks like it's going to be a bit of a chore.

If you itemize deductions, like for mortgage interest and real estate taxes (using Schedule A), don't bother sending in your return until you get the official okey dokey from the IRS. Due to the passage of the tax law legislation so late in the year, the IRS IT folks are working hard to get all the software changes into their systems.

Just think of the phrase "government efficiency"...and wait.

And remember last year, when we had less money withheld from our paychecks ($7 a week, I think)? If you didn't make a modification to your W-4 (that annoying paper you fill out when you get hired), you may find that your refund is smaller this time around - or, worse yet, you may owe more money to Uncle Sam.

I have already had a dream about complaining tax clients. Some people use their tax refund to pay necessities - this filing delay coupled with a smaller refund check isn't going to make them very happy.

I really hate it when they cry. Yelling and cursing at me isn't much fun, either. Nobody should have this much fun at a job.

Maybe I'll have no clients until mid-February (the estimated time for IRS readiness). I'm sure I'll get sent home, wouldn't want to take the big bucks for sitting around doing nothing.

I spent last week attending a tax update class and completing my required continuing education classes so I can work. All of this fun was unpaid.

I also paid a whopping $64.25 for the privilege of a tax identification number from the IRS - a sum that will be reimbursed to me in two increments in my paycheck over tax season. This annual fee is part of the IRS' program to certify tax preparers.

This is not a high paying job. The hourly rate is low, and it's seasonal. You'd think that having access to clients' sensitive financial information would mean that I'd get paid more - nope, that's not the case. I wonder what my clients would say if they knew that the drive-thru worker at McDonald's makes more than me in a year?

I continue to look for work in my field, ever hopeful that my third year is my last year as a tax preparer.


  1. I never thought about how crappy this job must be! I know you're not looking forward to it, but on the bright side, at least it's something.....good luck finding a job in your field this year!! :)

  2. I keep books for two companies. Tomorrow night is tax night. I look forward to it about as much as you do. So....

    ((HUG)) and a slug of vino.

  3. Gosh ... it seems like just yesterday you were writing about how you helped that stripper write-off her working expenses.


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