January 26, 2011

The Boy is a Political Animal

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Ever since the Presidential election of 2000, The Boy has had an interest in politics. Even though he was only five years old at the time, he was telling me who "we" should vote for.

And he had real reasons.

He has a big, bleeding heart, that boy of mine.

He watches news programs, he watches Youtube videos.

He makes fun of Sarah Palin politicians who don't believe as he does.

In Art class, he once made a papier mache mask with holes in it, and said that it was Dick Cheney's hunting buddy.

He gets his power of discernment/artistic flair from me...or not.

Last night's homework assignment was to watch the State of the Union address, and answer some questions about it.

Since our lousy antenna wasn't cooperating, The Boy watched the speech on C-Span.com.

From the other room, I could hear him saying, "hmmm" - several times. I was assuming that his utterance was positive, because it wasn't followed by insults or a string of salty language.

He gets his colorful speech from his grandmother...or not.

Usually, homework is a real drag at the Cleaver compound. There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth - not to mention the bad behavior displayed by The Boy himself.

But not during that speech. He sat still, intently watching the monitor. I couldn't hear what was being said at the time, because he was wearing his headphones.

But I had read some of the transcript that was posted before the speech, and sort of knew what parts of the message would give him the warm fuzzies.

He was asked to list one of the President's achievements in the past year - he chose the end of year tax cuts, which "put more money in people's pockets". 

Never mind that the Prez was kind of forced into signing that one.

And something Obama would like to accomplish in the future? He wrote something about investing in biochemical research. Not exactly the topic we discuss here at home all the time, but he did answer the question.

What part of the speech was the most interesting/important to The Boy? And why? He told me two answers: Decreasing the deficit, and using hybrid cars. He chose to write about the cars - maybe because his sister Erin drives a Prius?

The most telling question of the assignment: If you were a government official, what would be the thing you would want to accomplish?

The paper said that he could be creative, but realistic.

His answer? Helping the poor by funding businesses to help them get jobs and give the poor people homes.

My son, the bleeding heart liberal...who has called The Mister "a right wing nutjob" a time or two.

Partisanship reigns supreme here in the Cleaver compound. And, as usual, I am somewhere in the middle.

As his evening meds kicked in, The Boy did not get to see the entire speech.

Good thing, that. I think his head would have exploded if had seen Rep. Michele Bachmann give the unsolicited Tea Party response to the speech - the same woman who once said that the founding Fathers ended slavery (I think she slept through a few history classes).
She was scary, from her makeup (applied with a trowel, I bet), and the way she really didn't look at the right camera, to the way the pitch of her voice would go up in a semi-hysterical way when she was trying to make a point.

And she had graphs and pictures - between her exaggerated enthusiasm and the Power Point presentation, she reminded me of a cross between H. Ross Perot (go ahead, look him up), and a manic salesperson for "as seen on TV" products.

Watch it at your leisure.


  1. Roflmbo I am ashamed to admit when we saw the SOTU address on we all screamed OH NO The president is on EVERY channel. The night is shot... aAAAAAAGGGHHH ( told ya we were dramatic)

  2. I think it is good he has his opinion. Whether it generates harmony or not,, oh well,, lolo

  3. I loved this! Your Boy sounds a lot like my son...I think they are about the same age too. Isn't it wonderful that they are involved and paying attention to current events at such a young age? I'm ashamed to admit that I was much to self-absorbed when I was 16 to pay much attention to the world around me. My son was devastated when he heard that Keith Olbermann wouldn't be on every night any more.

    PS. Bachman. huh. Blechman is more like it.

  4. Dick Cheney's hunting partner. omg, that cracked me up. I love the boy.

    and that tea party lady, soooooo scary

  5. OMG!! I couldn't watch more than 2 minutes of this woman! I kept leaning way over to the left of my laptop, hoping that way she would somehow actually be looking towards me!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I can't help but notice that anything on a ppt is now considered "fact"

  7. Bless his bleeding liberal heart!

    And I'm so glad I didn't see Ms. Bachmann ... sounds like a real nightmare.


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