January 08, 2011

Getting Off My Duff

This morning, I'm headed out to a writing workshop hosted by the St. Louis Writers Guild. I will also get to meet Becky Povich, a St. Louis area blogger who is well on the way to finishing her first book.

I'm looking forward to meeting Becky in person, as our conversations have been via e-mail (and mostly late at night)...I hope I'm just as witty in the morning - and in person!

And since I've been sequestered with The Boy for quite a while, and could use a break, I plan on meandering aimlessly for awhile. I love to take roads to see where they go - a hobby I acquired after having moved so frequently. The gas tank is full, and the heat now works in the car - it could be a very long ride home.


  1. Go get lost for a few hours! It's like pushing the "reset" button.

  2. Hi Kim,
    Nice meeting you at SLWG this morning. Your blog is a hoot. I signed on as a follower, please do the same. Great 'reading'.

  3. Hey there! I'm so glad you came to the workshop today! It was great meeting you in person.....and yes, you were quite witty! :)
    Hope you can attend more events...and maybe even one or two in St. Peters!

  4. I'm so envious! I would have loved to join you. Are you a member of the Guild? Please post about your day. I'm sure it was wonderful and well deserved!

  5. Good for you!!! I'm excited for you ... and can't wait to see what might come out of this!


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