January 12, 2011

Have a Good Day, Lady...Deja Vu!

This morning, The Boy's bus driver said, "Have a good day, lady" as I stood outside in the frigid air. I was standing out there talking to The Boy.

He started his new school last week. 

I think we have a winner.

He even earned the privilege of early dismissal on Friday. That's one of the 'carrots' they have in place to encourage success.

Zero outbursts. Appropriate behavior all around.

He likes Cupid, the therapy dog.

The Assistant Director of Special Education told me he's a delight.

He said he's the fastest in gym class - which leads me to believe that his classmates are snails.

On Saturday, I got THIS on a post card:

"The Boy (they don't really call him that, BTW) is making a great transition to The New School (also not its real name. I'm all about pseudonyms, you know). He is working hard to make friends with his new peers and can often be found laughing with them. Great job, Boy!"

Sure beats a poke in the eye with a stick...or a screaming match with his former baseball coach/teacher.

They "get" him at this school. I'm just sad that he didn't GET to be a student there from day one in Missouri. Makes me wonder how much progress he could have made.

And so, so glad that progress is being made right now.

When I heard that "Have a good day, lady", my mind immediately went back to Pittsburgh.

That's what our neighbor, Mortimer Hedgeclipper (not his real name, either), said to me all the time.

Back before diagnoses and special education. Before medications and therapy.

Back when life was simpler, and had just the right amount of chaos.

It was deja vu, all over again.

And for consistency's sake, one last pseudonym,


  1. Glad to hear that The New School seems to be working out for The Boy. Progress is always good.

  2. I am so glad he is doing so well and you are finding some peace right now. You both deserve it

  3. Glad for you that you have found the right school.

  4. How wonderful for you and for The Boy! And I love the name Cupid. My SIL adopted a "retired" therapy dog, and the name is just so darn cute and appropriate. Here's to many more "good" days!

  5. I'm so so so so happy that The New School seems like such a good fit for The Boy!!!

  6. I am so so so glad he is doing well in the new school!

  7. I am so glad he is finally at a great place!


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