January 11, 2011

Quiet During the Storm

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Miniscule flakes, softly falling
Everything they touch turned white as cotton.
I stand outside, chilled, my hair damp from the glistening crystals
Marveling at the silence.
Sounds muffled, cars parked
Families ensconced in their domiciles, safe.

The silence is broken only by the approach of the plow truck,
That single reminder of the busyness of modern life.
Children's dreams filled with hope of the snow day that will greet them when they wake,
Parents gaze at the news reports, anxious about commutes and childcare.
Time seems to slow, anticipation building
While the world is bundled in Winter's blanket.

My reverie is disturbed by the ringing of the phone,
Alerting me that there will be no school tomorrow.
Sighing, I rise from my chair to search for the solace of hot chocolate and silence.


  1. I love the sound of the silent snow that falls, it's almost a insane quiet, yet you sleep right through it, to wake in the morning to a horrific 3 feet of snow, it's all beautiful until the plows come by and make it all ugly, or until I have to go out and dig my car out!
    Despite all that, I still miss the snow I saw in Missouri and in Michigan when I lived in both places! I Know, call me crazy!

  2. Shhh. If you don't answer the phone, it won't be true.

    Still, beautiful prose.

  3. One thing I will never have to face here in the desert...the snow phone call!

  4. Nothing breaks the beauty and peace of a snowstorm like the fact that your kid will be home in it with you.


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