January 24, 2011

Random Monday Nonsense

As I type this late Sunday evening, freezing drizzle and fog are having a go of things outside. A Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our area.

Will it be yet another snow day?

I am not pleased when the school district robocalls me at 5AM to tell me that school is closed for the day.

At this rate, The Boy won't get out of school until the second week in June.

I fear for the contents of our refrigerator...their days are numbered if The Boy is home all day by himself.

 Tidbits heard at the tax office so far:

"Do I really have to report ALL of my income?" I am still surprised when people want me to help them defraud the Federal government.

"My refund is only $3500, why didn't I get more?" The woman who said this only earned $7K last year. I think 50% return on NO INVESTMENT is pretty good. Her large refund is due to the Earned Income Tax credit, the Child Tax credit and the Making Work Pay credit.

"Why do they take so much out for Social Security - I'm never going to see any of it!", uttered by a 20-something young man. I told him that in about thirteen years, when I'm ready to retire, I'd personally thank him for his contribution. He was not amused.

For you folks who itemize deductions - it looks like the IRS will be ready for you to file your return on Valentine's Day. Consider it your gift.

The Steelers and Packers are headed to the Super Bowl! I'm a lifelong Steelers fan, so there's no confusion about which team I'll be rooting for.

Here's The Steelers Polka to get you in the mood to root for the Black and Gold:

I will attend yet ANOTHER IEP meeting this week (the first at the new school). The special ed guy from the old school will be there, too, since the school district is forking out big bucks for The Boy's tuition.

I read the other day that our school district has a $13 million dollar budget shortfall this year. I am just a wee bit concerned that the district may not be able to continue to pay for The Boy's education there - and that he'll be forced to return to the high school and the baseball coach/teacher.

The district is also trying to raise funds to repair and maintain the limestone bleachers on the athletic field. Built by folks from the WPA in the 1930s, the bleachers are considered to be a source of pride in our community.

They've received an estimate of $128,000 to repair 80% of the bleachers. Some sections are bowing out, and are considered to be unsafe. At a recent meeting about the bleachers, $1,500 was raised by attendees.

I'm looking forward to the State of the Union address this week. There's a wacky idea afoot - members of Congress have been talking about a new seating arrangement. Instead of members sitting only with members of one's own political party, they have been discussing "mixed" seating.

I'd like to see that happen - we've had enough partisanship and petty bickering of late. I hope I see our leaders behaving like civilized adults this year - I think we're ready for that.

The gorgeous Tammy and Frank find out whether their second bundle of joy is a boy or a girl this coming Friday. In the beginning, I was rooting for a girl, but now, I don't have a preference in gender, and wish only that they have another healthy baby.

Tammy posted this pic on Facebook, and asked folks to make their guesses. 

What do you think? Should I begin shopping for blue or pink?


  1. $3500 back and she earned $7k and she still wasnt happy??? OY!

  2. Loved all the tidbits on taxes! lol It takes all kinds doesnt it?

  3. Man oh man.....I think I'm speechless about those tax tidbits...and you know that doesn't happen often! ;)
    Hope all goes well with The Boy and his new school, etc.

  4. what? I can't do my taxes yet because I itemize. That is wrong. breathing, breathing.

    I'll take that ladies 3500 bucks.

    I'm going with girl for your friend.

  5. We're Steelers fans,too but I think I like that "Here We Go" song they did in the 90's better.

    I say she's having a boy - but I'm biased towards boys since I have 2 myself.

  6. I am waiting to file my taxes because there is a special form I need because of my foreclosure. :( I didn't even qualify for the Child Credit this year because my income was too low, ironically I need more this year than ever...Working on a plan B...
    Has your school district considered applying for a Pepsi Refresh Project grant?
    And as for Tammy...girl.

  7. Although the stories are horrifying, I love your tax stories.

    And we get the same early morning robocall on snow days.

    It's a boy!


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