January 03, 2011

You Know the Honeymoon's Over When You Have an In-Depth Discussion about Toilet Brushes

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I put all the blame on that Fly Lady. Her incessant emails and exceedingly cheerful videos have insinuated themselves into my psyche.

I even tried her Crisis Cleaning podcast, to some success.

Then, IT happened. The Mister and I talked toilet brushes. He's usually the toilet guy. He thinks if the bowl part looks kinda clean, the toilet IS clean.

He forgets about the whole ratio of splashing around the floor, he ignores under the rim and lifting the seat to clean is not on his radar.

Our toilets have been woefully neglected by me.

But enough is enough. My lack of domestic enthusiasm has come to an end.

I attempted to clean the toilet MY WAY (which is the right way, BTW) the other day, and found our toilet brushes to be severely lacking.

The Mister went to the store yesterday and scoped out toilet brushes that would do the job...and came home empty handed.

Next, I'm sure we'll be discussing the fine art of sock mating.

Where will this insanity end?

I've just ordered The Fly Lady's Rubba Swisha brushes. I fear additional purple cleaning implements coming into my life.

Pray for me, ok?

I gotta go shine my sink now.


  1. I have the Fly Lady cleaning brushes! I really like them. I also bought one for each of the 3 kids and their homes. My DIL told me she really likes them. I wish I could say I follow the Fly Lady's plan. I gotta go now, the cleaning lady is due in an hour, and I have to clean before she gets here!

  2. lmbo I need to get back on the fly program. My skills have been woefully lacking I will say..

  3. Sigh. I feel off the Fly wagon a while ago. But I have the Rubba Sweepa & *love* it. I imagine the Rubba Scrubba will be equally as nice.

    ...I'm now envisioning our neglected toilets... >.< I don't think Hub would scrub a toilet unless it bit him or tried to pull him in...

  4. I love cleaning the toilets....because I'm always the first person to sit down and enjoy the cleanliness! I got pissed at my husband because I bought a very small toilet brush for the sole purpose of cleaning the disposal (yes, it works wonders and gets all the gunk out from under the black flappy thing) and that idiot used it to clean the KIDS toilet. Now I have to go out and look for a NEW tiny toilet brush.

  5. :) If it ain't love at first sight, my husbands socks don't mate. He places all the singles that come out of the wash into one never to be sorted box in the garage. Quite the party all those singles living it up and never marrying. *sigh*

  6. Im working on the Fly crazy ladys program too...Ive got the shiny sink down and the whole making of beds and getting dressed is going well. Im still waiting on that whole house that cleans itself thing though. Mine seems to be on strike

  7. I think I am scared now!
    And socks mate? I find my divorcing all the time apparently, because when two went in, only one comes out....let me know if they mate for life? Or does the female eat the male? Enquiring minds want to know!


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