February 02, 2011

A Birthday Wish and a Poem from Winter Weather Wonderland

Today, our granddaughter Jordyn turns SEVEN!

Seven years ago today, Jordyn turned me into a Grandma...just like that.

Groundhog's Day, 2004 - When Shannon told me that Jordyn was born, I put on my wise old mother/brand new Grandma hat and told Shannon that "Punxatawney Phil wasn't the only one to come out of a hole today". I know she appreciated my sage advice.

Jordyn is having a Princess birthday party. I know if I lived in FL, I'd be on the guest list...we have that Princess thing in common, Jordyn and I.

Jordyn loves Barbies and "twirly" dresses and nail polish and wishes she had ruby slippers.

She's smart, she's funny. She has an amazing giggle. 

I miss her.

She is opinionated - when she saw me with long hair, she told me she liked my "old hair" better.

And about that? I like my old hair better, too! Told you she was smart!

I will call her later today, and ask about the cupcakes Mommy made for her class party.

Hopefully, we'll still have power, and I'll be able to see her (via Skype) in the dress we bought her.

Our Princess is growing up, much too fast. She used to try to con me into giving her a vitamin by saying she had a "heggache" (headache) - but I didn't fall for that ploy.

We'd play Restaurant, and she'd cook me the most delicious plastic food in her toy kitchen.

Tomorrow, she'll sit at her talking Cinderella vanity (a gift from Mommy and Daddy), and apply her makeup.

Time keeps slipping away - seven years have gone by in a flash. 

Next thing I know, she'll be wearing real makeup, and falling in love with her Prince. I'm sure I'll have lots of sage advice for HIM, too.

Happy Birthday, Princess Jordyn!

February Forecast

Wind rearranging the fallen snow,
like sheets on the clothes line,
getting new wrinkles in the breeze

The streets, deserted, white after the storm
Only rising temperatures and sunshine
Will clear away its winter coating

Too cold for slush, no melting today
Icicles hanging from every vertical surface
Windshields frosted, opaque headrests visible

Horizontally, sleet is stubborn, as difficult to clean up
as spilled sugar on a kitchen floor
Broom and shovel, inadequate tools for the job

Trees, straining to stand upright
their sparkling branches laden with ice and sleet
Tinkling like beads on cornrowed heads with each blast of wind

Branches litter the landscape, skittering across the roof
Their icy burden too heavy to bear
As they surrender to the weight and the wind, falling earthward...will they bring an end to our warmth?

Inside, we are safe and warm, cocooned against the elements
but we look outside often, concerned
What does Mother Nature have up her sleeve now?


  1. Wow! Your poem is like a freeze frame on a camera. And your granddaughter is a doll. I know exactly how you feel about that first grandbaby; your comments touched me deeply.

  2. Love your granddaughter! What a beauty!

    Your poetry is wonderful! You nailed all that is going on here, and then some!

    Great post!

  3. ohh Much to fast,,,happy birthday to her,,,

  4. Happy Birthday to Jordyn! That is a great Groundhog Day line...now I have to hope that I know someone who has a baby on this date so I can use it!

  5. Love the "not the only thing that came out of a hole" line!! That just killed me!!

    Such a cutie! Happy Birthday to her!

    And stay safe and warm!

  6. omg, what a cutie. lucky grandma.

    and can I just say, I laughed so hard about phil wasn't the only one that came out of a hole today. :)

  7. Such a sweet post about your granddaughter - what a doll.


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