February 06, 2011

Here We Go! I Got Cookies Riding on This!

I'm a lifelong Steelers fan. Even though I don't live in the 'Burgh' anymore, I still root for my home team.

And granddaughter Desiree? She's rooting for the Packers.

I won't hold this lapse in judgment against her.

She challenged me to a bet.

Whoever loses said bet has to make the winner some chocolate chip cookies. I've already told her that she better have plenty of chips on hand, cuz I'm mighty picky about the chip to cookie ratio.

At least it's not as drastic as the bet my brother Greg made for the playoffs...

Greg was on the winning end of this bet, and is holding the Steelers flag...and his friend's pants.

At the end, note that the runner's wife handed him a beer, not a blanket.


  1. BWhahaha the things people do for their teams..especially when they don't have the body for it. Ain't NO game or team in the world that I would bet exposing my naked tail in the city streets for. NOT ONE

  2. Hey! I'm a former Pittsburgher too! Born and raised there!

    Fantastic video!


  3. This must be the day for comedy. I have been laughing at blogs all morning. Eat a cookie for me!

  4. Well, have fun baking the cookies as I know the game's outcome now ... eat lots of dough!

  5. Sorry the Steelers lost. Better get busy baking! :)

  6. Are you still recuperating from the Super Bowl. I was glad not to have a dog in the hunt...

  7. Hey June, sorry the Steelers lost. At first, I really didn't care who won, because I liked both teams about the same...but then I must admit, I wanted Green Bay to win. (Don't throw a snow/ice ball at me!!)


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